Finding a Patient: Search

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The first of the two patient search features is the ‘Find Patient’ tool (Start Page > Patient > Find Patient). This is a simple though effective means of searching for patients by entering details into a range of filters.

Once a user begins filling information into a field Meddbase will begin searching. This way you may not even have to enter a patient’s full name to reach the result you require, making searching efficient and getting you where you need to be fast!

Searches for patients can be defined by the following fields: 

  •          Patient ID
  •          Surname
  •          Name
  •          Post Code
  •          Email
  •          Age From
  •          Age To
  •          Date of Birth
  •          Employer
  •          Employee Number, and
  •          Status

As with many lists within Meddbase you may export a patient search at any given time by clicking the export to csv button ().

If during a patient search you find that the patient does not exist within your system you may add the patient by clicking the ‘Add New Patient’ button.