Requesting Pathology Results

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Meddbase currently interfaces with The Doctor’s Laboratory (TDL) and HCA Laboratories. Our HCA integration allows for pathology request forms to be generated within Meddbase for printing and sending to HCA. TDL users will also have access to this functionality, however, on top of this the test request is also automatically sent to TDL electronically

In both integrations results are sent back to your Meddbase system electronically and members of the ‘Pathology Results Admin’ role will be alerted to their arrival.

When in an appointment, Meddbase will automatically create a pathology form based on the tests that have been added as services to the appointment. The list of tests currently associated to the appointment can be found at the top of the clinical form. (Note: If the same services is added twice, it will only be requested once)

If the test you wish to request is not listed here, you must add it as a service. Use the “add service” button located at the top left of the page and search for the test using the service picker. Once you have found the test, add it to your chosen services. The price and payer will be displayed. Be sure this information is correct. Once you have added the tests to the chosen services, hit proceed and this will take you back to the consultation.

Once back in the consultation, hit the Pathology Lab Request button located at the top left of the page. This will generate a lab request form based on the tests in the services list.

The Lab request form will also prompt you with a list of additional options to allow you to communicate with the Lab. Select the options you wish to set using the parameters section on the left of the page. As you change the parameters, the form will automatically update.

Once you have completed the form and you are happy with the information on the form, simply hit save and print. Meddbase will pop up a window prompting you to print out the lab form.

NOTE: If the window does not pop up it will be because you have a pop up blocker turned on. If this is the case hit the “print again” button and make sure for future requests you exclude the site * in your pop up blocker.

If you are a TDL customer, as soon as you hit save and print, a request is automatically sent to the lab. You must also print out the hard copy and attach it to the sample as the lab will not process anything until they have this.

Once you have completed the request, hit finish and you will be taken back to the consultation.