Adding a Company

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Insurers, employers, other clinics and more can be registered in your Meddbase system in order to create a comprehensive billing platform. In order to add a company, navigate to the Companies > Add a Company.

In much the same way as adding an individual, the ‘Add a Company’ page contains fields for a wide range of data, however, only the company name, company type and security policy have to be set to save a new company. 

The company type dictates the fields for which the company will be eligible (An employer cannot be picked as a patient’s insurer for example).


Beyond this you may also include details such as:

·         Code (A short code for making searching easier)

·         VAT No.

·         Is the company referable? (If the company is a clinic)

·         Address

·         Billing Address

·         Bank Details

·         Accounting details

·         Disclaimers

·         Referral Specialisms

·         Logo

Once you have completed all the details relevant to the company, click the ‘Save’ button in the top left to register your new company.