Configuring the Quote System

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The Meddbase quote feature allows you to provide your patients with a bespoke quote to consider for appointments and services. These quotes can be guaranteed and recalled for a specified period of time. Quotes can also be restricted to only allow patients to use this quote at a specific site, with a specific clinician, on a certain day, or a combination of all three.

To configure the quote system go to Start Page > Admin > Configuration and select the Accountancy tab. Under the ‘Quote’ section you will find the following options:

Code Prefix – This code will prefix any quote numbers. You can either use the factory default ‘QUOT’ or a code more relevant to your practice.

Duration in Days – The number of days a quote is considered valid. Once the quote expires, it will no longer be possible to recall this quote.

Only Valid on Proposed Date? – If checked, proposed date is recorded in the quote and the quote is only valid on the proposed date

Only Valid at Proposed Site? – If checked, proposed site is recorded in the quote and the quote is only valid at the proposed site

Only Valid with Proposed Attendees? – If checked, doctor attendees are recorded in the quote and quote is only valid if they attend

A document template for the quote system will be included in your system by default; however, you may customize this if you wish. For information about customizing templates, please visit the section on ‘Creating Document Templates’ in this manual.