Consultation Forms

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A default consultation form will be provided with your system including fields helping you to track pre-existing conditions, lifestyle, diagnoses and more. To access this form, open an appointment and click the ‘Consultation’ button in the bottom left hand corner. 

You will be presented with a range of fields to fill in. The majority of these fields auto save, this is indicated by the text box turning red when not saved, and green once any changes have been processed.

Other fields may require multiple entries and as a result require the user to save manually. In these instances a save icon will appear next to the field, click here to save these fields. All changes to any field will be recorded in the medical history.

To switch between forms click the ‘Forms’ button at the top of the page and select a new form. Once a new form is chosen a new case will be opened with this form.

At the bottom of a form, action buttons can be created bespokely to allow you to prescribe, discharge, create tasks, and more. Each of these actions is described elsewhere in this manual.

New bespoke consultation forms can be added to your system to suit your needs. Contact the Meddbase Sales department at with your request and you will be provided with a quote for this work.