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What is the context?

Meddbase provides an option to create custom Patient Data Fields. These fields allow you to record raw data on a consultation form in either of the 2 below formats:

      • Numeric
      • Boolean (checkbox/tick)

What is the purpose of the article?

This article describes:

Patient Data Field types

Patient Data Fields can take one of three types:

  1. Raw Data - allows recording a single value, either numeric or Boolean
  2. Calculating - values are automatically generated based on a calculation of other meta fields, e.g.:
      • BMI can be recorded using the expression: ({Weight} / ({Height}*{Height})) - this expression is valid when height is recorded using the 'm' unit, e.g. 1.84m
      • BMI can be recorded using the expression ({Weight} / (({Height}/100)*({Height}/100))) - this expression is valid when height is recorded using the 'cm' unit, e.g. 184 cm

3. Created by lab, e.g. TDL - in the instance where you have an electronic lab link, details such as bloods values can be updated automatically. These are created as soon as the lab result is returned.


Making default Patient Data Fields visible

A number of meta fields will be included in your standard chamber set up, however, by default these are hidden from the form.

To make these visible:-

  1. From the Start Page click the Admin tile.
  2. Click the Patient Data Fields tile.
  3. Expand the Hidden group on the left-hand side to view all the hidden meta fields.
  4. Once you locate a meta field you wish to add to your forms highlight it and click the checkbox that says Visible at the top of the configuration panel.
  5. Click Save.

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Creating a new Patient Data Field

You can create new meta fields by:-

  1. Clicking the New button in the top left.
  2. Fill in the name, type, decimal place, units and expression of your meta field 
  3. Click Save to begin using your new field.

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Additional Patient Data Field options

When defining a Patient Data Field there are additional configuration options that allow for useful functionality:

Shared with patient

The Shared with patient checkbox when ticked will cause the value(s) captured in this field to be automatically shared with the patient via the Patient Portal.

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Add Range

The +Add Range button allows defining minimum and maximum values for a given metric, as per the example below, as well as messages for:

  • Below range
  • Above range
  • In range

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When a value is captured in this field, depending on which category it happens to fall into, the respective message is displayed* in the patient's Medical History along with a small graph representing the set ranges and where the most recent value falls.

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*The field displays the first 9 characters of the message. To view the full message, hover over it with the mouse pointer.


Move Up/Down

The Move Up and Move Down buttons allow changing the order in which the data fields are displayed on Clinical Forms and in the Numerical Data section of their Medical History, allowing for prioritising and grouping them thematically.

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The Merge button allows merging the selected data field with another one. All related data (patient's data, lab codes etc.) will be merged to the target meta field and this meta field will be removed*. 

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*Once this action is confirmed, it cannot be undone


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