Adding New Documents

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New documents can be created in a number of ways as can be seen by clicking the ‘New’ button in the top left hand corner of the ‘documents’ page. You will be presented with a drop down box of options including:

  • From Template

- Creates a new document from a template. These templates are defined within your system and can be customised prior to creation in the ‘Template’ section (Start Page > Templates) or post creation in the preview window. There is more information regarding template creation and usage in the ‘Adding New Documents from Templates’ section of this guide.

  • From Template Using Collaborator
  • Text Document

- Creates a new text type document, editable in the Meddbase built-in word editor 

  • Image Document

- Creates a new .bmp image, editable in the Meddbase built-in graphics editor for users of touch screen devices. 

  • Microsoft Word Document

- Creates a new Microsoft Word document, editable within Microsoft’s Word software. This option will require the download of a file and as such requires the Meddbase Document Manager to use. The Microsoft Word document preview is not a complete rendering of the file and only includes the raw text (no formatting or Images). 

  • Document Type

- Define a new type of document. Creates a new folder for separating documents