Troubleshooting Template Codes

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Template code does not work / displays a red square / does not pull any data

This is often caused when there is no data for the template code to pull. Please ensure the data you want to pull has been entered and saved correctly.

Please also check that the template code is a valid code and has been saved correctly within the templates section.

If you are seeing a red square, hover your mouse pointer over this to reveal what the issue is. 

Template codes are specific to certain areas of the system e.g. Appointment.StartTime can only be populated if the area of the system where the template is populated references a specific appointment. So would not work if the document was being generated from a patient record.

Template code does not work in Microsoft Word

Some template codes will pull data in ‘tables’. These tables are not currently supported in Microsoft Word.

You will need to create your template using the in-built text editor to ensure compatibility.

Template code displays in the wrong format / font size

Copying and pasting codes from the list provided on our support website may insert unwanted formatting characters that may have detrimental effects on the documents created.

We recommend that when creating templates you manually type in each code.