Using Report Instances

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Report instances within your system allow you to run up to the minute analytics, valuable to your practice, whenever you please. Return reports regarding your clinicians, accounts, patients and more. 

To view the report instances in your system go to Start Page > Reports. This page will list all instances available to you, some may be folderised.

Click on the report you wish to run, if there are any parameters to be filled in you will be provided with drop downs, pickers, checkboxes or fields to fill in with the relevant data. 

Once complete, click the ‘Show Results’ button to run the report.


Once run you will be supplied with a table providing you with the information you required.

If you wish to rerun the report you can amend the parameters and click the 'Refresh Results' button.


Should you wish to archive this data or perform further functions in excel you may export a report at any given time by clicking the export to csv button (mceclip3.png). 

If you wish to make any changes to the published report you can click the 'Edit query' button which will take you to Admin>Report Management where you can make amend the report query.

To learn about adding new reports and instances, go to ‘Creating a report containing filters and parameters’.