Fee Percent Rule

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Creates a separate invoice from the primary billing company to another billing company equal to a percentage of the invoice total. Used for if a clinician charges a percentage fee to the clinic for performing certain services.


The options for fee percent rules are:



  • Name - Set the name of the rule
  • Billing Company - Set the company to receive payment to either the attendee’s billing company or a specific billing company
  • Default Fee Percentage - Set the default percentage for all services, leave blank if this only applies to some services
  • Service Name Template - The name of the service on the secondary invoice, the default {Name} will use the service as it appears on the primary invoice
  • Provide Services When…
    • Primary Doctor is - Rule only applies if a specific doctor is attending
    • Site is - Rule only applies if the appointment is at a specific site
    • Location is - Rules only applies if the appointment is in a specific location
    • Tag is - Rule only applies if the ‘Billing Tag’ for a session is equal to the text field
  • Service Fee Percentages - Overwrite the default fee percentage for specific services