Safe Name Rule

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Kacper Gladys
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It is possible to create 'patient friendly' or discrete names for services.

Services applied to an appointment will appear as usual for Meddbase users and the ‘Safe Name’ will be used in place of this for invoices. The options for safe name rules are:

These rules can be found under Admin > Billing Rules. By expanding a company and clicking on '+Add rule', you will be able to select the 'New Safe Name Rule' where these changes can be made.

  • Name - Set the name of the rule
  • Safe Name Applies When…
    • Primary Doctor is - Rule only applies if a specific doctor is attending
    • Site is - Rule only applies if the appointment is at a specific site
    • Location is - Rules only applies if the appointment is in a specific location
    • Tag is - Rule only applies if the ‘Billing Tag’ for a session is equal to the text field
  • Service Safe Names - Define how the service appears on customer invoices



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A safe name can also be specified by going to Start Page > Admin > Service Management.

By expanding any of the headings on the left of the screen (eg. Test, Product) you can select an item. Subsequently on the right hand side of the screen you will then see an option to choose a safe name. This Safe Name will be how the item appears on invoices.



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