Service Credits Rule

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Please Note - This article is archived. Please refer to Service Credits Rules - What they are and how to set them up – Meddbase Help Center


Use service credits to limit the number of times a service can be applied within a time frame.


The options for service credits rules are:


  • Name - Set the name of the rule
  • First Included Day - The date when the service credits are valid from
  • Start of Next Period - The date when the service credits expire
  • Service Credit Applies When…
    • Primary Doctor is - Rule only applies if a specific doctor is attending
    • Site is - Rule only applies if the appointment is at a specific site
    • Location is - Rules only applies if the appointment is in a specific location
    • Tag is - Rule only applies if the ‘Billing Tag’ for a session is equal to the text field
  • Services to Credit - Define which services are credit and how many credits to provide

The Service Credit Rule can best be thought of as a 'temporary' Provide Services Rule. So, if perhaps you add a Service Credit Rule that allows 1 'Initial Consultation' within a one year period, it will provide that appointment type to be selected for any patient that has not had an 'Initial Consultation' within the given period. Once a patient has their 'Initial Consultation', this psuedo provide services rule disappears and the appointment type can no longer be selected.

An important note is that this rule does not work well with an actual Provide Services Rule. For example, if you have your above Service Credit Rule as the first rule on your chargeband, and a Provide Services Rule below it that does allow 'Initial Consultation'. The Service Credit Rule will be rendered obsolete, as it will not deny services, only not explicitly provide them. So if a patient has an 'Initial Consultation', the Service Credit Rule will no longer provide the appointment, but it won't deny it, which allows the Provide Services Rule to allow the appointment. You often do not want a Provide Service Rule and a Service Credit Rule on the same chargeband specifying the same appointments/services.