Organising Rules within Billing Rules

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A charge band can be made up of a range of different rules, each of which has unique conditions. The order of the sequence of rules within the charge band is crucially important.



Your Meddbase system runs through each rule starting from the top until it reaches a rule that satisfies the conditions of an appointment. It’s best to have the strictest rules at the top and the most accepting rules towards the bottom.



Let’s imagine a scenario in which all your consultants charge the same fees. We would create a charge band and apply a price list containing the fees, stating that the ‘Primary Doctor is “Any Doctor”’. This rule applied to a charge band works fine on its own, however, if a new clinician comes to the clinic and charges a different price for a number of services, we would need to create a price list for these exceptions.


We can set the exception price list to recognise when the primary doctor is the new clinician. To do this, the exception price list is inserted above the general price list in the rule set. The appointment will then look at the first filter, recognise the primary doctor and use the prices from this list. However, if the exception price list is inserted below the general price list, the prices from the general price list will be applied - when the rule set is presented in this order, the first filter is ‘Any Doctor’, so the appointment will apply the ‘Any Doctor’ price.