Recall Reminders for Users

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When a recall is made members of the ‘Recall Reminder Administrator’ role group will receive a 'Recall Reminder' task a certain period of time before the recall is due. As with other tasks, these can be found on the Start Page, as seen below:


Recall Actions

To open up a recall task, simply click on 'Recall Reminder' from the Start Page, find the recall in question and click on it. You will be presented with a dialogue similar to the one below:

From here, various actions can be taken, such as:

  • Booking an appointment - either via the Side by Side Schedule, or the Slot Finder
  • Viewing related appointments - view any appointments related to this recall
  • Editing the recall - change the reason of the recall, the services, the due date etc.
  • Logging call details - log the time of any inbound or outbound calls to the patient
  • Sending SMS - send a text to the patient's mobile
  • Assigning the task - assign the task to another user or role group