Per-user Document Manager/WebDAV

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Meddbase now has the option to configure document download options per-user or per-browser. This is particularly useful if you use a Mac and need to use WebDAV to download documents, but the rest of your chamber use PCs and need to use the Windows-only Document Manager.

Log in to your Meddbase account and, from the Start Page, click 'Preferences'. Scroll down to 'Document download options'.

  • User defaults: This controls document download options for your user account, which means the same settings will apply on whichever browser you use.
  • On this browser: This controls document download options for the browser you are currently using to access Meddbase.

You have four options to choose from:

  • Use chamber default settings: documents will be downloaded using the setting configured under Admin > Configuration > Documents > Downloading documents.
  • Use the document manager: You must have the Document Manager installed for this option to work correctly. 
  • Use WebDAV for Microsoft Office documents only.
  • Use WebDAV for all document types.

Once you have selected your document downloading options, simply click 'Save' to apply these.