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What is the new Document Editor?

The new Document Editor allows users to create and edit documents more intuitively, making their experience comparable to any other text editor and helping them with maintaining the consistency of their documents.

New Features

The Editor implements a new feature of Stylesets - a highly-customisable tool which allows users to pre-define the look of tables, headings and formatted text.

From now, the process of creating documents will be less time-consuming, more accessible and users will find it much easier to manage styles of their documents.

The following items can now be added quickly and intuitively:

  • Images
  • Tables
  • Links
  • Numbered lists
  • Bulleted lists
  • Quotation blocks

Moreover, new functions related to fonts have been implemented, such as strikethrough, subscript, and superscript. Format painter can be used to copy formatting to other areas of your document.

Please note that documents created prior to this release will open in the older version of Editor.

Defining Stylesets

To create a new Styleset or edit an existing one, go to Admin -> Common Catalogues. Open the ‘Document Editor Stylesets’ catalogue and choose one of existing Stylesets or add a new one.

On your right-hand side, you will now see options:

  1. Font, Size, Colour, Text alignment – for each of the headings and formatted text
  2. Text alignment, Cell spacing and padding, Header colour (background and text), Border colour – for tables

Managing Stylesets in the Document Editor

On the top-middle and right of your screen you will find new tools for managing Stylesets. Choose one of your pre-defined Stylesets from the drop-down list and a Paragraph Format. Whenever you change your Styleset, the updated settings to paragraphs will apply automatically.