Adding an invoice grouping rule

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You can use invoice grouping rule if you want an internal company to become the creditor, acting as the billing company so that invoices are raised by them for specific services. This can be accessed by adding a new rule to the default company chamber under billing rules.  


In the example below, we have a company called Priority Doctors LLP that acts as the creditor for an appointment type called Priority Doctors Consultations. To make sure that the invoice for that appointment is raised by Priority Doctors LLP, we set up an invoice grouping rule that works as follows:

  • The invoice group for a Priority Doctors Consultation is PD.
  • If the invoice group is PD, the billing company is Priority Doctors LLP.

We then add that rule to a charge band. When we book a Priority Doctors Consultation for a patient on this charge band, the invoice will then be raised by Priority Doctors LLP.




The first step is to open the Billing Rules and set up a new invoice grouping rule.

  • Set the name for the group (Usually an abbreviation of a company’s name) under ‘Invoice Group’, in this example we have called it ‘PD’.
  • Search for the appropriate internal billing company under ‘Billing Company’.
  • You can create multiple invoice groups and it can apply to a specific doctor, location, or clinician schedule where the tag is the matches in the invoice grouping rule and schedule.
  • ‘Service invoice groups’ section allows you to select the services that you wish apply to a given invoice group. This is done by putting the invoice group name against the billing service.

In this example the appointment ‘Priority Doctors Consultation’ would now be invoiced by “Priority Doctors LLP” rather than the default chamber company “Support Team Chamber”. If multiple invoice groups are required, you can enter a ‘Default Invoice Group’ in the section at the top. This will default all invoices to be created by that company unless overridden.

Once that has been done, add the invoice grouping rule to a charge band. The price of the service is determined by a price list that belongs to that chargeband.