Registering your company to receive referrals

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James Walker
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In order to receive a referral electronically, you must first advertise the types of referrals your company can receive, together with the consultants who can deal with the referrals. This allows users of Meddbase within primary care centres to locate your company and select the consultant they wish to refer to.

Search for your company using the Start Search bar, then click on your company name to access your company record. The search will start once you begin typing your company name, so there's no need to press Enter.

Click 'Company details' to begin editing the company details.

  • Make sure 'Referable' is ticked.
  • Set a referral contact. By default, this will be the first contact in the company's contacts list. If you haven't added any contacts, you will need to add one first by clicking 'Contacts' on the company record page, then 'New Contact'.
  • Set one or more referral specialisms. To do this, click 'Modify', then use the specialism picker to add the specialisms relevant to your practice. The specialisms here will be the specialisms published to the referrer when searching.

Click 'Save' to save your changes.

If you wish to allow clinicians to refer directly to consultants, you must now register the consultants as Meddbase users (see registering consultants to receive referrals). This is particularly useful if the referrer is looking for the consultant by name, as by registering the consultant, they will appear in the search results: