Duplication of report

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Danielle Bailey
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Sometimes a report can be used by multiple departments and one department may not use all the columns or data within the report. Therefore, it might be worth duplicating the report and then amendments can be made to the duplicated report. The easiest way to duplicate a report is to use the XML.

Start Page > Admin > Report Management allows for the reports to be accessed. If the report that requires duplication is selected. The ‘Advanced query editing’ option can be selected.

Once selected this will display the XML of the report.

This can then all be highlighted and copied using a right click and copy or ‘Ctrl + C’.

A New report needs to now be created by selecting ‘New Report Query’ and table can be selected as the root table, select ‘Next’. This report then needs to be saved with the name you require the duplicated report to be called.

Return to the Report Management screen and locate the duplicated report. Select ‘Advanced query editing’. Select all the XML here and delete this. Then paste in the XML that had been copied earlier.

This will automatically update the query, allowing for this to now be edited using the ‘Edit Query’ option.