Adding new TDL tests

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James Walker
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If you want to request a TDL test that doesn't belong to TDL's price list, you'll need to add the test as a service.

First, click the Admin tile, then the Service management tile.

Click New, then Test:

You will need to add a name, code, provider and print code according to TDL's list. For example, if the test you want to add is B12 (Active)/Red Cell Folate, you would set:

  • Name: B12 (Active)/Red Cell Folate
  • Code: TDL-B12F
  • Provider: TDL
  • Print Code: B12F

Once that's set, click the save icon.

Next, you'll need to make sure the test can be provided, so it will need to be added to a price list. To find out more about price lists, please check our article Setting up price lists