Release Notes - 28th February 2020

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Danielle Bailey
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Meddbase Upcoming Updates

The next version of Meddbase is due to be released on 16th March 2020 and will include general system improvements and features

More Power to the Patient Portal

The Patient Portal has been one of the strongest tools in the Meddbase arsenal since it was released, and we’re continuing to improve its ability to empower patients’ ability to manage their record and data. With this release, we’re giving patients the ability to tell you more about themselves when registering for the portal or managing their demographics. They’ll be able to set things like who their insurer is, as well as providing authorisation codes when making insurance funded bookings, and a number of other important pieces of demographic information.

Referencing Referrers

For everyone wishing they had more accurate information about where your patients are hearing about your clinic, we’ve got some great news in this release; the referrers list is now under your control! A new Common Catalogue is available where you’ll be able to create and curate a list of referrers specific to your clinic, further bolstering Meddbase’s ability to give you rich, powerful reporting data.

Maximising Medications

One of the most important areas of a patient’s medical history is the visibility of their medication information. You’ll now have more flexibility about how that is displayed, with the addition of Medical History Summary sections for Active or Inactive Medications. As always, our Support Team are on hand to help with any configuration questions you have.

Squashing bugs and the pursuit of performance perfection

As always, we’ve been hard at work keeping the Meddbase application safe, secure and performant. In this release we’ve resolved a number of backend performance issues, and increased load speeds on a range of important pages.


Happy to help.

As always, if you have any questions about this release, please get in touch with our Support Team.