Addition of NHS Surgery Information

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Danielle Bailey
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When patients register often it is required that their GP information is added to the patient record. Meddbase can allow for the GP surgery to be added as a company within Meddbase therefore the information only needs to be populated once and can be used several times over.

In order to add this information, the GP Surgery needs to be added as a Company however the type is listed as NHS Surgery.

This record can then be saved which will create a Company who are an NHS Surgery which can then be linked to a patient record.

As default the NHS details do not appear on the patient record therefore the layout needs to be altered to allow for these details to be displayed on patient records. This is done by altering the Layout which can be located: Patient Record > Personal Details. To alter the options the layout must be unlocked.

Once this has been unlocked by selecting Layout Sections, an option of NHS details will be available for selection.

This will display the NHS Details information section now on this specific patient record.

If this is then required to be on each patient record once this has been added to the correct location on the record (This can be moved by dragging and dropping by use of the blue bar at the top of the screen) this can be saved and set as company default within the layout menu. 

To then ensure this layout is locked so this can be used the Layout menu needs to be selected once more and 'Lock Layout' selected.

The NHS Details section will now appear on all patient's personal details section. And the GP surgery information can be pulled over from the company added earlier.

Once the box for NHS Surgery is selected the list of NHS Surgeries added as companies appear.

The relevant NHS Surgery can then be selected and once this is done it will display the details as below.

Leaving just the NHS GP information to be added to the record.