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Meddbase provides the ability to split patient medical records. This is particularly useful for Occupational Health where a client may wish to split an Occupational Health record from a patient’s main medical record / history.

You can set which Medical Policy applies to individual Appointment Type, then set permissions on that Medical Policy for who should have access to view or modify records captured under this Medical Policy.

There are 3 main steps required to set this up which are outlined below:


Step 1. Enable filter patient record by policy

Before the system will begin filtering different medical policies you first need to enable this in the configuration. You will find this setting under:


 Admin > Configuration > Advanced



Step 2. Create a new Medical Certificate & Policy

For filtering to work, there needs to be at least 2 Medical Policies. It’s likely you’ll only have one Default Medical Certificate in your chamber.

You can manage and create new Medical Certificates under:

Admin > Security policy




Now you have created the new certificate, you will need to give it a policy name which you can do in the Policy text box as pictured below.


Finally, you will then need to select the Users, Roles or Networks that should be Permitted to have access to this Medical Policy.

 It’s important that at least view access for both Patient Demographic and Patient Medical Record are granted here, so the User has access to view records saved under this Medical Policy.






Step 3. Add this Medical Policy to Appointment Types

You can now apply this Medical Certificate to any applicable Appointment Types.

You can do this by navigating to:

Admin > Appointment admin > [Select Appointment Type] > Edit



It’s important to note the warning here and to bear in mind that any past Appointments booked using this Appointment Type before you applied a Medical Policy to it will not inherit the Medical Policy you apply at this stage. The Medical Policy will only apply for appointments booked after you have added this Medical Policy to the Appointment type.




If a clinician has permission to view more than one Medical Policy and they attempt to view a patient record that contains records stored against multiple Medical Policies, they will be prompted to select which Medical Policy they would like to use while viewing the patient as pictured below.

If a clinician only has permission for one Medical Policy, they will see no such option and instead will by default only see the records for the Medical Policy they have permission for.



You can switch which Medical Policy you wish to filter on at any time by clicking on the ‘Choose policy’ button when inside a Patient Record.

Reminder: this option will only be available to users who have permissions to view 2 or more Medical Policies.