eFax invalid Username, Password or IP Address

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Danielle Bailey
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eFax have updated their password security which means the below error is displayed:

To resolve this the password needs to be updated within eFax & within Meddbase. Please note this is not the password that is used to log into https://secure.efaxdeveloper.com.

In order to update the relevant password, the eFax Developer account please log in using your username name and password to display the following menu. 

Form here eFax Developer needs to be selected allowing for the settings option to be displayed.

This can then be selected which will show the Inbound, Outbound and general settings menus. From here the outbound settings need to be updated so this option needs to be selected.

Once here the password box needs to have a password entered which meets eFax requirements, and cannot be one used in the past however can be the same as the password you use to log into the eFax developer account. Once this has been changed ensure that the 'Update Outbound Settings' is selected.

This password then needs to be entered into Meddbase in the SMS & Fax settings located: Start Page > Admin > Configuration > SMS & Fax.

The Account ID, And Username will already be populated, the only item to be altered is the password. This needs to be the same password as the one entered into eFax Developer Outbound settings. Then these settings must be Saved in Meddbase. This will allow for fax's to be sent using eFax.