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What is the context and purpose of the article?

You may need to arrange meetings where the attendees are not in the same place. To facilitate this, Meddbase enables you to set up and run online meetings with video capabilities.

To help you, this article outlines:

    Please note: To use this feature, the chamber must have Telemedicine enabled. Please contact the Support Team to arrange this.


How do you book an online meeting in Meddbase?

To do this:

1. Go to the Calendar from the start page of the Meddbase application

2. Navigate to the appropriate date for the meeting via the monthly calendar in the top-left

3. With the correct day displayed, click on the time slot representing the start time for the meeting

Selecting calendar option - then navigate through calendar and finally select time slot for start

4. In the Book a meeting dialogue displayed, tick the Online video meeting check-box

5. Optionally:

5.a Update the Length of the meeting from the pick-list

5.b Update the Site from a pick-list

5.c Add a Location value from a pick-list (belonging to the site)

5.d Set a Subject for the meeting

5.e Add Notes for the meeting

Having done this, your screen will look similar to the one below.

Booking a meeting dialog displayed with online meeting box ticked and other administrative details recorded

6. To add an attendee:

6.a Select the Add attendee option on the left-hand side of the screen

6.b In the Clinician search dialogue that appears input the search criteria

6.c Select the required record from the results

As an illustrative example below, we can see that inputting a search value of tolstoy returns one Medical Staff record which can then be selected from the results.

Adding an attendee to a meeting

7. Add further attendees as needed (following a similar process to step 6 above)

Booking a meeting screen with annotation noting added attendees

8. When complete, click on Save in the top-left of the Book a meeting screen


What happens when the booking is completed for an online meeting?

The successful creation of the booking for an online meeting leads to a few things happening. These are summarised below. 

A meeting invitation email is sent to attendees

Each attendee will be sent an invitation email. This email:

  • Has the same Subject as the meeting that was created
  • Contains a Join meeting link.

Example of invitation email sent out for online booking

For an attendee who is a Meddbase user, it will send the email invitation to the email address attached to the user profile.

User profile record with annotation noting that email invitation sent to that email address

For an attendee that is a Clinician or Non-medical Staff record in Meddbase but not a Meddbase user, it will send the email invitation to the email address recorded in the Contact section for that record.

Clinician record with annotation noting that email invitation sent to contact email address


The booked meeting appears in the calendar for Meddbase users

When created, the meeting appears in the Calendar of Meddbase users.

Calendar of clinician showing the booked meeting


What can you do with a meeting when it has been booked?

There are several different actions you can take to manage an online meeting when it has been created. These are summarised in the sub-sections below.

View meeting information

When the meeting has been booked, Meddbase users who are attendees can view information about the meeting as follows:

1. Go to the Calendar from the start page of the Meddbase application

2. Navigate to the date when the meeting has been booked via the calendar

3. Click on the meeting booking

Selecting a booked meeting - with annotations to denote how it can be selected

Detail for this meeting is displayed and shows:

  • Information about the meeting
  • Collaborators (attendees) for the meeting
  • Admins who control the administration of the online meeting
  • Documents that have been attached to the meeting

Viewing meeting with annotations noting the ability to see information - collaborators - Admins - Documents


Invite further attendees

Attendees set as Admins for the meeting can use the Invite button to search for and invite further attendees (as noted above in How do you book an online meeting?).

Viewing meeting and selecting invite option to enable invitation of more invitees


Assign tasks for the meeting

Each attendee who is a Meddbase user can use the Assign Task button to assign tasks to Meddbase users.

Viewing meeting and selecting assign task to create a new tasks


Add and create documents for the meeting

Each attendee who is a Meddbase user can select the Documents button and choose an option from the menu to create or attach documents to the meeting.

Viewing meeting and selecting document to display a menu of document related options

When added the document appears in the Documents list and a message is added to the Feed.

Viewing meeting - document appearing in Documents list and with an update in meeting feed


Update and cancel the meeting

Attendees set as Admins for the meeting can select the Meeting button and choose to Modify or Cancel the meeting. They can also manage Members and view Activity.

Viewing meeting and select meeting to show menu options to modify - cancel - view members - view activity

These menu options are described further in the table below.

Action What it does


Re-opens the Book a meeting dialogue (introduced above) and enables you to adjust the date, time, duration, Site/Location and Subject of the meeting.
Cancel Enables you to completely cancel the meeting.
Members Enables you to remove an attendee or make an attendee an Admin for the meeting.
Activity Displays the activity log for the meeting.


Join Video Meeting

Each attendee who is a Meddbase user can select Join Video Meeting from the button bar. More specifically:

  • An Admin attendee for the meeting can both start and join the meeting
  • Other attendees can join the meeting as an attendee.

Viewing meeting and select join video meeting option identified with annotation


Did you know?

1. When booking an Online video meeting, the Send invitation email is ticked by default and cannot be unticked

Book a meeting window - annotations to explain when online video meeting ticked - send invitation email box ticked and greyed out

2. When booking a meeting, you can use the vertical red slider to adjust the meeting start and end time.

GIF showing book a meeting screen and moving time slot slider with mouse

3. It is possible to book meetings outside of the clinician's availability as set in the Clinician's Site Schedule.
This is because the site scheduler is used mainly for the purpose of availability for booking patient appointments.

4. When booking an online meeting, there is no requirement to record a Location value (as the meeting is online).

5. When adding attendees for a meeting, you can search for specific categories of attendees (Companies, Medical People, Non-medical Staff, and Patients).

6. Sites and Locations for meetings can be set up in Common Catalogues by users with appropriate permissions (as explained here).

7. As soon as someone shares either a document or adds something to the feed the meeting will appear on the start page under Groups and Meetings.
This will only display the most recently updated 5 meetings.

Start page showing annotation pointing to Groups and Meetings with meeting displayed


Want to see more?

You can watch a video presentation that will guide you through the setup here.


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