Resetting Patient Portal Login by a Meddbase user

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Colin Rixom
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Before following the steps below, please ensure that the Patient Portal feature has been activated for your chamber, your patients email address is correct and that they are on a Chargeband that has been enabled and set up for Patient Portal access.

For more with regards to setting up of the Online Chargeband, please click the link below:
Creating an Online Chargeband

Once you have confirmed that the above conditions have been met, we can proceed resetting a patient's portal login.

Firstly, navigate to the patients record:

Start Page > Patient > Find Patient > [Select the patient] > Patient Record

From here you will need to Reset their portal login, this is done by clicking:

Online Portals > Patient Portal > Reset Portal Login

This will send a request to the Patients Email address with a link to the Patient Portal and will prompt them to change their password, allowing them to access the portal.

This is the safest method to enable access for patient as they are prompted to change their password ensuring that they are the only person who knows it.

For More information with regards to Setting up of the Entire Patient Portal, please click here