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The eFax feature allows you to fax prescriptions directly to pharmacies. Please note that this is a chargeable feature, just get in touch with our support team should you wish to find out more!

You will need to provide the support team with an e-mail address that will receive any bouncebacks from the receiver. Once this has been provided the support team will contact eFax to create your account.

Once your eFax account has been setup, there will be some configuration to do both in Meddbase and within your eFax account.

Configuration in Meddbase

1. Enable the feature -  Enable the feature by going to Start Page > Admin > Chargeable Features > tick the box for 'eFax' > and hit 'Save' in the top left corner.

2. To add in your eFax information access Start Page > Admin > SMS and Fax Fill in your eFax account details.

3. Add a pharmacy - in order to send prescriptions over fax, you need to set up a company of the type 'Pharmacy'. Do this by going to the Start Page > clicking in to 'Add Company' under the 'Company' tile. In the 'Add new company' page, give the company a name, and set the Type to 'Pharmacy'.

4. Add pharmacy contact - To include fax details for the pharmacy, you must create a contact for it. Within the home page of the company you just created, click in to 'Contacts'. Once in the 'Contacts' page, click in to 'New Contact'. Give the contact a name (e.g. the name of the pharmacy) and a fax number, then save.

In addition to the steps above, you must make sure that you have at least one prescription template set up in your Meddbase chamber.


Configuration in eFax

1. Go to https://secure.efaxdeveloper.com and type in your username and temporary password provided. This must be changed on your initial login. 

2. To change your account settings, click ‘eFax Developer’. Here you can change your inbound Fax storage settings, e.g.

  • Inbound File Format – either .pdf, or .tif
  • Inbound Fax Delivery – XML POST allows you to send inbound faxes via XML to an external website. This website would typically be an in-house developer system various configuration options:
    1. Disable XML Posting – inbound faxes will not be forwarded via XML POST
    2. Enable XML Posting – a copy of inbound fax will be received to a specified URL via XML POST
  • Destination URL – the destination URL that will process the XML POST
  1. User ID (optional) - an optional ID used by the client side process for validation
  2. Password (optional) – an optional password used by the client side process for validation.
  3. Failed Post Alert Email (recommended) – this email address will receive notifications of XML POST failures.
  • Store successful Post(s) in.. – successful XML POST(s) will be moved in to this web inbox folder
  • Store failed Post(s) in. – failed XML POST(s) will be moved in to this web inbox folder
  • Inbound Fax Storage - two configuration options:
    1. Do Not auto-delete faxes – faxes will not be automatically deleted from your web inbox
    2. Automatically delete faxes after.. – faxes will be automatically deleted from your web inbox after the desired number of days

In the instance that your password changes, it is important that you update it in Meddbase and in eFax. Please see the actions below for both changes:

  1. To make this change in Meddbase go to: Admin>Configuration>SMS and Fax and enter your new password in the password field
  2. You can find your Account ID by logging in to the eFax portal, it will be on your inbox as highlighted in this image, (it is important that you remove the dashes when entering into Meddbase).mceclip2.png
  3. To change your password in eFax please go to https://secure.efaxdeveloper.com, login using your new credentials, once logged in you will need to go to your Outbound settings to update your password


Don't forget to click "Update Outbound Settings" when you are done to make sure you save your changes.


If you ever get the error "Login Not Successful. Username, Password or IP Address failed login validation". it means that you changed your password recently, and you will need to follow the steps as mentioned above in order to be able to continue to use eFax.


Should you have any queries on the configuration in eFax, please get in touch with eFax directly.