Release Notes - 23rd July 2020

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Danielle Bailey
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There will be an update to the Patient Portal on the 10th of August. Read on to find out more about the latest changes

The Potential of Pathways

You've probably heard us talk about Pathways in 1 form or another recently, and this release continues to expand their reach and functionality.
Pathways will now be able to be integrated directly with the Patient Portal, allowing tasks to be assigned to patients as well as Meddbase users.

What does this mean?

Like with all Pathways use cases, often the only limitations are the imaginations of the people configuring them! At a glance, being able to share Pathway tasks with the Patient Portal allows for a number of use cases, including;
  • Asking patients to complete feedback questionnaires following a consultation
  • Sharing a care pathways progress with a patient, and allowing them to participate in it's execution
  • Request and recieve documentation from the patient directly in to the Meddbase application, with no need for documents to be transmitted over email.

Dealing with deployments 

Our Pathways Engineers are on hand and able to work with you to design and deploy your own custom pathways. If you're interested in adding this functionality to your Meddbase system, get in touch!

Prescribing with SNOMED

We found inconsistencies within our SNOMED service capabilities between 29th November 2019 and 19th May 2020. The impact of these inconsistencies only affects the prescribing feature resulting in inaccurate SNOMED codes being written to patient records.
Further to our hotfix relating to SNOMED on the 15th July 2020 we are ready to start Phase 2. During Phase 1, we enabled a process to allow us to begin to correct historically written SNOMED codes, a process we will now begin in Phase 2.
We are making this change to correct historically written SNOMED codes and to ensure accurate warnings appear in the prescribing feature in future.
Phase 2 will be conducted over the next several weeks. We are working hard to balance the fix of the data with system performance to ensure the disruption to you will be minimal. Please be more diligent during the prescribing process within Meddbase as we update the historical SNOMED codes.
Upon successful completion of this phase you will be notified.

Driving Dependability 

Every release gives us an opportunity to continue to improve the performance and stability of Meddbase and tackle any bugs which may have cropped up. This time is no exception! If you spot something that doesn't look right, see it, say it, sort it.