Sending a payment link to Opayo with the Invoice

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Sarah Kate Daly
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Meddbase can allow for invoices to be sent via email from Meddbase and they can contain a link to make a payment via Opayo

The content for this email is added Start Page > Admin > Configuration > Accountancy > Invoicing > Invoice email templates.

In order to include the link which will direct the payee to make payment via your Opayo Server integration the use of the following codes will allow for this to display:

{PayOnlineBeginLink}this link.{PayOnlineEndLink}or/and {PayOnlineCopyLink} these however need to be places inside: {PayOnlineTextStart} and {PayOnlineTextEnd} for example as below:


Therefore, when the invoice is then sent via email it would display text like the image below:

The payee can then either select 'this link' or copy and paste the URL to make the payment for the invoice that is attached to the email.