Telemedicine and the Vidyo Integration

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This article will discuss the features and processes which purchasing the Telemedicine chargeable feature will enable for your Meddbase system. For further information around the setup required for the feature, please contact Meddbase Support for a quote.


The Telemedicine feature allows you to integrate with Vidyo.IO, a HIPAA(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ) compliant Telemedicine provider, and utilise the function from within Meddbase.

Enabling this feature and performing the necessary setup will give both patients and clinicians access to a web based teleconsultation, giving them a way to communicate during a remote consultation.

Booking Process

Telemedicine consultations can be booked using exactly the same process as your other appointment types. Your Meddbase system will automatically detect Telemedicine bookings and perform all the required actions without any additional user input.

Custom Appointment Confirmation emails

Booking a Telemedicine enabled consultation will allow you to send a custom Appointment Confirmation email, which includes a secure link the patient can use to join the consultation, it's important not to miss this step as the template code {Appointment.TelemedicineConnection} is absolutely necessary or else the Telemedicine link will not be sent to the patient.

Dear {Patient.FullName},

Thank you for booking your telemedicine appointment. Your appointment has been booked for: {Appointment.Date} at {Appointment.StartTime} with {Doctor.FullName} and will take up to {Appointment.Length}. 

Your appointment will be online using our telemedicine system on your PC, phone or tablet with a camera / webcam.

Join your appointment by clicking this link


If the link does not work for any reason, you can copy paste it into the address bar of your browser.

Your appointment will begin once your doctor joins


Telemedicine - Clinician View

Any telemedicine consultation will give the attending Clinician an additional action on the Appointment Home page:

Start Telemedicine will open the consultation room, and can be performed before marking the patient as arrived, ensuring that only attended appointments have invoices generated from them.

Starting the Telemedicine room will give the clinician options on how to proceed, based on the browser they are using:

Selecting any valid option will start the Telemedicine room and allow the clinician to select the camera, microphone and speaker they would like to use:

When the clinician is happy with their settings, they can connect to the consultation by clicking the green phone icon.

Telemedicine - Patient View

Patients will recieve both an initial confirmation, and a follow up reminder of their appointment some minutes prior to it's start. Both of these emails will contain a link which the patient can follow to join the consultation.

Following the link will give them the same options the clinician received for setting their audio/video settings, after which point they too can connect to the consultation.

Once both parties have joined, a picture-in-picture will show the active participant in a small thumbnail view, and the other participant in the main window:


Should you try to start a Telemedicine appointment and are unable to, check the list bellow to see if you get any of these messages and what they mean:
  •  'Telemedicine not enabled for the chamber'- when a Telemedicine appointment has been booked and the Telemedicine feature has been turned off.
  • 'Appointment expired' - for cancelled Telemedicine appointments
  • 'Appointment expired' - for appointments older than 48 hours.
  • 'Appointment expired' - for Did Not Arrived appointments.
  • 'Not a Telemedicine appointment' - if an appointment is not a Telemedicine appointment anymore.
  • 'Telemedicine link has expired' - if the link has changed (change appointment type from Telemedicine to normal and then back to Telemedicine)