Release Notes - 24th August 2020

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Catia Goncalves
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The next update to Meddbase is coming on the 7th of September. This time around, we're laying the ground work for a much larger release to come later in the year, so while there isn't a massive amount of new content in this release, rest assured that it's paving the way for bigger and better things just around the corner!



Fast booking portal update 

We'll be releasing a small change to the fast booking portal to make sure it's deserving of the name. This change will go out on the 24th of August, ahead of the release of the main application, but there will be no noticeable downtime, and if you don't use the fast booking portal, it won't affect your system at all.



Driving Dependability 

Every release gives us an opportunity to continue to improve the performance and stability of Meddbase and tackle any bugs which may have cropped up. This time is no exception! If you spot something that doesn't look right, see it, say it, sort it.