Release Notes - 28th September 2020

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Brian Sambrooks
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Our next release is planned for the 12th of October, and includes a wide range of exciting new features. Read on to find out more.

Capable Case Management 

We're enhancing the Occupational Healthcare Case Management workflow to put the concept of a case front and centre to both Meddbase users and referring managers working in the Referral Portal. All referrals will now be included in a Case, which managers create at the time of referral. Your clients will also gain the ability to view all of the data relating to a case in one place, including every referral, appointment and document. There really is too much to talk about here, so for more information, check out our Release Note on the feature!

Laudable Lab Results 

In order to ensure that we never erroneously reject messages from our lab partners, a change is coming to the way Meddbase handles and stores data received via our laboratory and pathology integrations. From this release onwards, if we receive a result for a measurement that we have previously processed, but with a new or changed unit, we'll mark the old data as hidden, and create a new Patient Data Field to hold the data.
The data recorded with the old units will still be available to you, in the patient's Medical History.

Amiable Accountancy 

We're also super excited to let you all know that there have been some long awaited improvements to the Xero accountancy registration and authentication interface. We're implementing the new Open ID Connect authentication workflow with this release, which will allow you to link your Meddbase chamber to your Xero account easily and securely.

Pathways for Patients 

The Patient Pathways feature continues to expand all the time. One of the most powerful parts of the system is the ability to share work with your patients as well as your colleague. Pathways can ask patients to make decisions, send you documents, and complete questionnaires, all as part of larger workflows which keep you and the patient up to date with everything that is going on. If you're interested in learning more about this, please get in touch!

A Sneak Peak at Seamless Scheduling  

Finally, we're hard at work preparing for one of the biggest features we've released in years, which will allow for organisations to have large Networks of chambers all seamlessly integrated with a central booking source. We're still in the early stages of this, but are very excited about the possibilities, and will be in touch when we have more that we can share with you!

Rapturous Reliability  

As with every release, we're taking the opportunity to squash bugs, improve performance, and ensure the highest levels of reliability. If you spot something that doesn't look right; see it, say it sort it (or send us a support ticket).