Maintenance Release Ongoing Release Notes

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Here you'll find an up to date list of all changes made during Maintenance releases. 

The next maintenance release is scheduled for the 8th of April at 11 PM UK time. 

2nd April Maintenance Release

  1. Resolved an issue which could cause medical history to stop loading at a certain point, when a patient had a very long medical history.
  2. Improved the Fast Booking workflow to account for resource and location double bookings when multiple locations and sites are setup, and clinicians have schedules at multiple sites.
  3. Fixed a problem which presented Patient Job Title from saving.

26th March Maintenance Release

  1. Fixed an issue which could present errors in very rare edge cases when loading a patient's medical history if a clinical form not owned by that chamber had been loaded for the patient in question.
  2. Resolved an issue that could cause appointments not to show on the side by side schedule, if the appointment booked ended at the same time as the end of the clinician's session and the 'end of day' time set in admin > config > application. Appointments will now correctly show on the side by side schedule in this scenario.
  3. Reverted behaviour of employer and insurer contacts - contacts will no longer be assigned automatically when saving a patient record.
  4. Introduced behaviour to prevent appointments showing in 2 side by side schedules when a clinician has simultaneous sessions at 2 sites. Appointments will now only show on the schedule of the site it was booked at.
  5. Restored the functionality of the Patient Query pathway task to allow 1:n relationships to be filtered on when using Patient Query pathway tasks.

27th February Maintenance Release

  1. Added a configuration option to allow invoice balances to be shown in red, in addition to the short code indicators for balance type.
  2. Resolved an issue which caused attendee duration to not update correctly when modifying it on the booking confirmamtion screen. All attendees can now correctly have their attendance time altered by clicking the clock icon.

26th February Release

  1. Fixed an issue that could stop questionnaire 'modules' from being sent as part of a Pathway. The pathway Questionnaire task will now correctly wait for all questionnaire requests to load before sending the request to the patient.
  2. Added a new Pathway scripting method to encode or decode HTML strings.
  3. Improved the data import interface so that charge bands can be added to patients without a company reference data set, if that patient is already associated with the company which owns the charge band.
  4. Added support for Theme-ing the Proceed and Quote buttons in the Appointment booking workflow.
  5. Billing rules with date ranges have been updated to accept typed dates as well as picking dates from the date picker.
  6. Improved the performance of the Data Import validation step in a number of ways.
  7. Fixed an issue in the Data Import layer; Patients with document added since they were imported can no longer be rolled back.
  8. Removed hidden Feature Flag for Session Templating.
  9. Added 'short code' indicators next to invoice balances.
  10. Added support for creating e-prescriptions from prescription tasks
  11. Resolved an issue with the 'book appointment' task, when shared with patients via the portal, the patient will no longer be shown all appointment types if the appointment booking task specifies an appointment type.

29th January Release

  1. Added Prescription Status to the Prescriptions Medical History summary section, for e-prescriptions made via SignatureRX
  2. Added new 'Shipped' and 'Delivered' status' for e-prescriptions made via SignatureRX
  3. Re-ordered company types, now reverted to alphabetical order rather than company type ID
  4. Resolved an issue which could cause live updates to stop happening on pages such as the side by side schedule. The SignalR websocket will no longer be terminated because of Chromium's memory management feature.
  5. Added the option of setting a 'preferred payer' when creating recalls via the import layer.
  6. Added bank holidays for 2026
  7. Fixed an issue which caused document template names to be cut off when viewing them in a dialogue. The document template name will now be visible in it's entirety.
  8. Resolved an issue which could cause documents generated as part of Pathways to not fetch the most up to date information when populating template codes. The cache for this information will now be refreshed immediately before generating the document, ensuring the information is always up to date.
  9. Fixed an issue which presented when clinical form sections (including nested groups) would be hidden by visibility conditions. Only the parent group will display the red warning outline rather than the parent and all children.
  10. Improved the functionality for hiding payment types; users can now hide payment types using their name rather than their ID.
  11. Fixed an issue which caused users to be unable to discharge consultations without the 'can view company accounts' permission when invoice generation is set to 'on discharge'. These users will no longer be presented with an Access Denied message, and invoices will be generated correctly when they discharge a consultation.
  12. Fixed an issue which prevented Patient Data Field graphs not to open correctly. Graphs showing data changing over time will now generate and show correctly.
  13. Removed the feature flag for displaying Patient Gender Identity and Pronouns on the Patient Portal. All stock Patient Portals will now include the option for patients to set their gender identity and pronouns.
  14. Added reporting support for e-prescription information
  15. Fixed a type on the error message presented when a user does not have permission to reply to an email.
  16. Added import support for custom preparations.
  17. Resolved an issue which prevented Appointment Date from being displayed on the Case Management - New Referrals OH Portal MI report when the appointment was booked by a Meddbase user.
  18. Fixed a problem with the way date was presented when printing items from the Medical History. The correct date will now be presented.

15th January Maintenance Release

  1. Improved performance of the Consultation Suite by increasing the delay before a request is sent to the SNOMED service.
  2. Improved performance of the Pathways system by correctly setting 'idle' status on pathways which are not actively waiting for e.g. an appointment to be arrived.

18th December Release

  1. Optimised various SQL indexes to improve performance.
  2. Resolved an issue which could prevent charge bands from being deleted when patients had been assigned to them historically. These charge bands will now be able to be deleted appropriately.
  3. Added support for displaying 'public notes for patient' configured against Modules when patients are making bookings via the Portal. Patients will now be able to see configured notes during the booking process.
  4. Updated import schemas so that;
    • Gender Identities and Pronouns can be imported for Patients
    • Company aliases can be imported for Companies
    • Company Parent/Child relationships can be imported for Companies
    • Patient imports correctly identify the relation between setting a charge band and needing to include charge bands during the import process.
    • Validation descriptions are improved in various places
    • Partial rollbacks are only possible when multiple entities have been imported
    • Appointment type imports now correctly mandate a duration value
    • Attempting to upload a non-CSV file during an import correctly produces an error message during upload
    • The deprecated 'notes' import column for Medical Persons is not present in the import schema
  5. Resolved an issue which would prevent 'embedded' iCals not to be displayed on some email clients e.g. Outlook.

27th November Release

  1. Resolved an issue which was stopping recurring payments from being setup when the Opayo integration was enabled. Recurring payments can now be created as expected.
  2. Fixed an issue which could stop medical history for loading after a certain point for patients with very large amounts of medical history data. Medical History data will now scroll as required.
  3. Improved indexing of various SQL tables to improve performance.
  4. Fixed minor typos in configuration screens.
  5. Resolved an issue which caused dates to be duplicated in side by side schedules when daylight savings time rolls over.

30th October Release

  1. Fixed an issue which produced an incorrect error message when users did not have access to view a company record linked to a patient, when trying to access the patient record.
  2. Resolved an issue with cancelling appointments if the appointment type had a Tracking Category associated with it. Appointments can now be cancelled succesfully.
  3. Improved performance of the Slot Finder booking workflow - finding slots is now much, much faster!
  4. Improved the visibility of patient appointment status' - when viewing a patients Appointment History, the Appointment Status column will now correctly reflect if the patient is Being Seen, Arrived, DNA'd, Cancelled etc.
  5. Improved usability of the Patient and OH Portals password reset page - pressing the Enter Key will after submitting a new password will now correctly submit the form.
  6. Fixed an issue that caused the 'Facilities Billing Rule' configuration setting not to save correctly.
  7. Improved the speed of security rights changes, particularly when removing or adding roles from/to other role groups.

25th September Release

  1. Fixed an issue that could cause page layouts to reset, or for unsaved data to be lost when making changes to record page layouts. Data and page layout are now correctly saved while making changes.
  2. Added 2FA support for the OH portal
  3. Fixed an issue which would cause Medical Person email address not to be saved when they are created from the 'create user' dialogue. Email address now saves as expected.
  4. Removed an edge case that could cause an ungraceful error message to appear when expanding certain Medical History events. Medical History will now expand correctly.
  5. Improved the Mail merge feature, allowing it to use NHS GP and commissioner details.
  6. Upgraded MS Office servers. Legacy office documents will be updated to a modern file format. Users will see a change in file extension only, e.g. files previously ending .doc will now end .docx. No other user facing changes will be observable.

29th August Release

  1. Resolved an issue that could allow duplicate appointments to be booked through the Fast Booking Portal where the submit action was allowed to take place multiple times.
  2. Removed an edge case where a merged patient could be merged again to another target patient, causing an error. That behaviour is no longer possible
  3. Fixed an issue where refunding an invoice was causing a payment to appear in the unmatched payments section of an appointment view. Erroneous payments are no longer visible after a refund is performed.
  4. Improved the UI of the appointment home page on Mac to ensure that the 'Start Telemedicine' action item always appears when it should.
  5. Fixed an issue which caused Services added to an appointment when a Patient booked an appointment including a Module via the Patient Portal to be duplicated. Only a single instance of each service will now be added to the appointment.
  6. Improved the interaction between Opayo and Xero. When attempting to overpay an invoice via Opayo, with the Xero integration enabled, users will now recieve a warning letting them know that this would cause an error in Xero, and stopping the transaction from going ahead.
  7. Improved error reporting when patients make a payment via the Patient Portal when an invoice has already been paid.
  8. Improved the Document Manager to ensure;
    1. Documents can be saved even when a local instance of a document of the same type is open
    2. Ensuring the 'retry download' option works as expected when opening a document from Meddbase.
    3. Improve the accuracy of the audit log; opening and then closing a document using the Document Manager without making changes will no longer report a Document Modified event in the audit log.
  9. Improved the UX of the Work Items screens to ensure that selected filters persist correctly, are independently persisted between different work item screens, and selected filters are displayed correctly each time a user visits the Work Item screen.


31st May Maintenance Release

  1. Resolved a formatting issue with Referral Letters which was causing unwanted characters to be rendered.
  2. Resolved an issue which stopped users from being able to utilise the 'Copy from Word' feature in the inbuilt document editor
  3. Fixed rendering issues in a number of locations, including postcode lookup and Session Template editor, that were erroneously displaying raw HTML characters.

5th May Maintenance Release

  1. Resolved an issue that stopped emails being sent to patients when joining an online charge band

24th April Release

  1. Improved caching of slots for anonymous API search to improve the performance of this API call.
  2. Fixed an issue on the Referral History audit log that was causing a title to overlap with the log field.
  3. Fixed some broken icons on the Invoicing Diagnosis tree view. Invoicing diagnoses can now be expanded as expected.
  4. Improved the Service Credits billing rule. If a First Included Day is added to a rule that has already given credits to patients, those patients will now have that First Included Day set correctly.
  5. Improved the Service Credits billing rule. Allowed Unique Start Dates to be enabled after patients were added to a charge band containing a service credits rule, and ensured that renewal period is set correctly for each patient on that charge band.
  6. Improved the wording of the OH Portal breadcrumb trail - PPQ sent has been changed to Questionnaire sent.
  7. Improved consistency of the UI - Changed button order for 'Invalid payers dialogue' to be Yes/No - consistent with other similar dialogues elsewhere in the application.
  8. Fixed the image preview icon when uploading .tiff images.
  9. Added dynamic text to the patient portal password reset screen to correctly reflect the chamber settings for password complexity.
  10. Made the schedule and diary UI reactive, to allow for a better and more consistent experience when zoomed in. Users will no longer see an incorrect offset on the schedule and diary pages.
  11. Fixed an issue with the V5 billing rules service which was causing service credits to not be deducted correctly when making bookings using the side by side schedule. Credits will now be correctly deducted for all booking methods.
  12. Removed unnecessary botton margin on the Meddbase home page to improve the UI.
  13. Fixed an issue with sending certain billing items to Xero - double spaces and other special characters will now be encoded correctly and will no longer produce an error when sending invoices containing them to Xero.
  14. Improved the UX of the OH Portal - when viewing a list of employees, the table rows now correctly indicate that they are clickable.

6th March Maintenance Release

  1. Resolved an issue that would present an error when arriving an appointment containing only services with 0 cost, if the creditor and debtor company were the same. The check will no longer be performed if an appointment only contains 0 cost services.

27th February Release

  1. Fixed an issue that cause duplicate aged debt tasks to be created when importing invoices with partial payments
  2. Resolved a problem with rolling back imports containing stock records. The changes to the stock levels will now also be correctly removed from the stock overview section.
  3. Removed an erroneous input validation which was stopping new credit notes from being imported to existing invoices. This operation is now correctly supported.
  4. Improved the process for importing OH Portal account permissions; when importing an account as having the 'manage' permission for a parent department, that account is now assigned manage permission for all children of that department as well, mirroring the same activity performed manually.
  5. Improved the user experience of viewing and investigating validation errors during an import. Errors can now be exported as a CSV making the process of investigating and rectifying them easier.
  6. Improved the user experience when returning to an import after validation but before committing the data. Imports will now be able to proceed directly to the commit stage if the tables contained within them have been validated in the last 24 hours and have not been changed since.

30th January Release

  1. Added Support for Structured Templates to be used in the following circumstances:
    • Appointment confirmation email
    • Portal account validation email
    • Portal account password reset email
    • Portal account password changed email
    • Print portal account password changed
  2. Improved UX of the login page when SSO is enabled to correctly inform users how to login.
  3. Fixed an issue with the 'book an appointment' Pathway task. When shared via the patient portal, patients will no longer be able to book the wrong appointment type when completing the task.
  4. Made several improvements to the import layer:
    • Added support for importing Service Credits for patients
    • Added support for Service Admin Notes
    • Fixed an issue where removing an employer or insurer would not change the person's default charge band
    • Fixed an issue that caused appointment types deleted via an import to continue to show in the Billing Rules section
    • Closed an edge case where imports of metafields would succeed with an invalid key
    • Improved the explanation of the New Episode import schema
    • Added support for importing Credit Notes to existing Invoices
    • Improved the import process for granting access to Employer Departments to correctly grant the 'Manage' permission on child departments when granting that permission to the Parent.
    • Added support for setting the date of a Match when importing Payment Matches
    • Added support for changing the policy on an existing document
    • Added support for importing Insurer and Employer Contacts to Patient Records
    • Added support for importing 'slots per hour' for clinicians
  5. Improved the explanatory text for telemedicine appointments on the Patient Portal
  6. Added support for resending an email opened from the Patient Contact Log
  7. Fixed an issue that would cause the name of a new patient to not appear for several seconds on the Patient Home Page.
  8. Improved the consistency of the naming of Clinicians on the Patient Portal
  9. Created new icons for Pathways that scale correctly
  10. Changed the format for dates recorded from Questionnaires with the 'date' data type to correctly format them as DD/MM/YYYY
  11. Fixed an issue that would cause every document downloaded from the Portal to be named 'd'
  12. Resolved an edge case that could cause an issue navigating to appointment if custom fields on the Appointment Home Page had special characters added to them.

5th December Maintenance Release

  1. Improved logging of Pathways Tasks which sent data to an HTTPS endpoint.
  2. Improved logging & monitoring of Document uploads, particularly when documents are uploaded via the API, or the Pathways system.

9th November Maintenance Release

  1. Fixed an issue which would cause only a single questionnaire to be sent if an OH Portal user attempted to send multiple questionnaires, and the {QuestionnaireName} Template Code was not in the invitation email template. Multiple questionnaires will now be sent regardless of the content of the invitation email.
  2. Resolved an edge case that could cause a timeout on the medical history when hundreds of patient records were linked to the same email. The Medical History will no longer attempt to load all linked patient records into memory before displaying.
  3. Added additional logging to the Pathology system when exceptions are thrown to improve the error reporting available to engineers.

31st October Release

  1. Improved the performance of the Pathways system so that having large number of active pathways no longer affects start page performance.
  2. Resolved an issue which could cause patients to get stuck when abandoning the registration process part way through. Patients can now receive a password reset when restarting the registration journey.
  3. Fixed an issue which caused the UI not to update correctly when changing a Patient's Charge Band via an import. The UI now updates correctly to show the newly set Charge Band.
  4. Improved the validation of imports which set a patient's Employer Department. Imports which try to set a department not owned by the Patient's Employer company will now fail validation.
  5. Fixed an issue which was causing Meeting Types to appear in the Appointment Admin menu.
  6. Resolved an edge case which would cause an error to be thrown when trying to show all unsent aged debt letters.

3rd October Maintenance Release

  1. Improved the startup process for complex pathways to increase the speed and responsiveness of the application for users who start particularly long pathways
  2. Resolved some edge cases around the routing of PACS integration messages based on events in Meddbase, e.g. arriving appointments.
  3. Fixed various bottle necks in the Billing Data Service to improve the speed of rebuilds. Includes splitting out queues into smaller sub queues based on their type, and an improvement to the way billing rules updates are broadcast to data sharing networks.
  4. Fixed an issue which was incorrectly starting services which weren't required on ClientImport sites.

26th September Release

  1. Increased the maximum permitted size for a questionnaire submission to allow more text entry, particularly for users of the OH Portal.
  2. Fixed an issue with the Reporting System which was causing Gross and Net columns on the Credit Notes table to report the incorrectly swapped values. Reports which were using these columns should not need updating as a data fix was also applied.
  3. Fixed an issue which could cause the ‘Go to result..’ button on a Pathology Result work item not to work as expected. All Pathology Results should now correctly navigate the user to the appropriate place in the Patient’s Medical History.
  4. Fixed an issue which could cause data not to save when switching a V5 billing rule from Dynamic to Static date range filters. Switching from Dynamic to Static or vice versa will now clear any entered dates/values and automatically save changes as the user continues to edit the rule.
  5. Resolved an edge case which could allow incorrect bookings when a module’s sex or age filters were updated. Filters are now applied correctly after updates.
  6. Fixed an issue which stopped networked TDL tests from being used by chambers on V5 of the Billing Rules system. This now works as expected, and networked TDL services can be used during bookings or pathology requests.
  7. Added additional validation to the Imports System to correctly throw an error if importing Patient Meta Fields without a matching Patient ID in the same import instance.

5th September Maintenance Release

  1. Fixed an issue that would cause the 'Print to PDF' printing option not to function correctly.
  2. Improved the logging of exceptions for the Pharmacy Portal and Apple Wallet Pass Generator service.

27th June Release

  1. Fixed an issue which could cause Patient merges to get stuck in process when some patient data existed in a microservice (e.g. Pathways). The merge process now correctly completes in all scenarios
  2. Closed some edge cases which caused a vulnerability to cross site scripting.
  3. Resolved an issue which could cause an input validation error to be incorrectly when entering a non Uk mobile number against a patient record, when the chamber default contry calling code was set to something other than +44.
  4. Fixed an issue with the Patient Portal API that caused an error message when attempting to upload a document.
  5. Improved the validation of Pathway trigger expressions.

6th June Maintenance Release

  1. Fixed an issue which was causing reports containing the Profile Name column from the Payments table to return an error. The underlying reporting schema not correctly matches the produced report XML.
  2. Resolved a configuration limitation with the OH Portal Document Sharing notification. Split Medical Record no longer needs to be enabled for the feature to work correctly.

30th May Release

  1. Added the ability to report on Patient Recalls from the Patient Demographics root table. Recalls are available as a 1:many relationship and can use all the same aggregation factors as other 1:many relationships.
  2. Added the ability to report on an Appointment's Case Name before the appointment is arrived. the link now no longer requires an episode to exist, so if an Appointments is assigned to a Case during booking it will become reportable immediately.
  3. Added the ability to report on Appointment Documents from the Appointments root table
  4. Added the ability to report on Appointment from the Documents root table.
  5. Added the ability to report on Advance Payments from the Appointments root table.
  6. Fixed an issue that was causing Date of Birth to display 1 day earlier than expected on the Medical History summary page. Dates of Birth now don't incorrectly try to account for local timezone.
  7. Improved the process for sharing fitness certificates created from questionnaires with the OH Portal. A refresh will no longer be required for completed fitness certificates to appear.
  8. Removed the label for Employee Number from the Portal registration pages when the field wasn't present.
  9. Fixed a race condition when paraller anonymous API calls were made. Doing so will no longer be presented with a 'not logged in' error message.
  10. Fixed an issue that could cause a 'This page has expired' message to appear when creating a Pathology Lab Request.
  11. Fixed a visual issue on thje 'Code Type' dropdown menu in Service Management - prevented the Code Type being indented incorrectly.
  12. Improved the messaging on the Employee view of the OH Report when the report has already been released to the manager to make that clear.
  13. Fixed a type in the default Cookie notice text on the Patient Portal.
  14. Improved the UI of the Address Lookup dropdown menu on the Patient portal, both on the registration and demographic updates pages, so that a blank address no longer populates the dropdown.
  15. Normalised how addresses are presented in Address Lookup dropdown menus across the portal.

9th May Maintenance Release

  1. Improved the error logging of the Lab Server to allow for particularly long error messages.
  2. Improved the handling of importing patient with and without accompanying titles - where title is mandatory the correct error will now be presented to the user.
  3. Fixed an issue which caused the 'Create New' Pathway action to show on the patient portal in situations where it shouldn't - it will now only appear if a Patient Portal Pathways billing rule exists for the Charge Band the patient is on.
  4. Resolved an edge case which could cause referrals creating in the Occupational Health portal to reset some of their questionnaire values if a user chose to save the referral form and complete it later. The values are now correctly saved and still present when users return to complete the questionnaire later.
  5. Fixed an issue which could cause some Questionnaire answer to incorrectly clear themselves when Portal users moved between patients. Values now correctly persist.
  6. Improved the functionality of the Update Appointment Table-Flow worker to allow the Appointment Type to be changed.
  7. Improved the messaging of warning messages associated with Patient Portal Pathways to make it more clear to patients why they cannot start new Pathways when they already have some running.
  8. Removed an unwanted behaviour in the Questionnaire system; hitting the Enter button on the keyboard will no longer attempt to submit the questionnaire, or incorrectly remove table row data.
  9. Fixed an issue with the 'Book a Follow up appointment for this patient (via the clinician slot finder) action button on the appointment home page. This will now correctly launch the slot finder and not the side by side schedule.

25th April Release

  1. Resolved an issue which could cause apostrophes to be stripped from Patient email addresses during the sign up process. Emails are now stored correctly including apostrophes.
  2. Improved consistency of Occupational Health Portal 'select an address' fields - in all places where this field is presented it now displays the same information.
  3. Questionnaire page validation improved to correctly check required checkboxes and table rows. Trying to move from 1 page to another will now alert the user that there are required fields to complete instead of only doing so at the end of the questionnaire.
  4. The 'Address Lookup' function on the Occupational Health and Patient Portals now respects the Chargeable Feature flag in meddbase and will only be present if the feature is enabled.
  5. Fixed an issue which caused the 'Employee Number' field name to be present on all registration workflows. It will now correctly only appear when registering for an Employer's charge band.
  6. Improved the consistency of required fields on the Occupational Health Portal - creating, updating and referring Employees now ask for the same mandatory fields to be completed.
  7. Fixed an issue that was affecting the ability for Patients to update their Insurance details via the Patient Portal. Changing an insurer now no longer incorrectly clears the membership number.
  8. Fixed an issue which could cause the wrong map to be displayed when a patient selected a site to view it's details.
  9. Improved scaling of Twilio Telemedicine when using an iPad - the toolbar now scales correctly when used in 'portrait' mode.
  10. Added Portal Sign Up code to the import schema to allow new and existing companies to have a Sign Up code assigned by data imports.
  11. Fixed an issue which stopped the 'Case Required' flag being applied when making bookings via the slot finder. A case will now correctly need to be selected/created before an appointment can be booked.
  12. Resolved an issue that stopped date of birth being removed from a patient record, when dob was not a mandatory field/required for patient save. Date of Birth can now correctly be removed when updating a patient's details.
  13. Added the ability to preview more file types from the patient's documents list;
    • .TIF and .TIFF image formats now supported
    • .MSG message formats now supported.
  14. Fixed an issue which was causing some icons not to display correct on the Secure Document Share Portal - icons are now rendered correctly.

28th March Release

  1. Added Document Status to the import layer, allowing imports to change the status of existing documents. Either Active or Deleted status' can be assigned.
  2. Ensured that the 'case required' flag on the Appointment Admin menu correctly forces the selection or creation of a case when booking an appointment of that type via the slot finder. Making bookings for appointment types which require a case will not correctly prompt the user to select or create a case.
  3. Improved the page validation on Patient Questionnaires, to allow Table rows to be made mandatory when patients are completing questionnaires.
  4. Improved the validation of questionnaire mandatory fields; if Date or Checkbox fields are mandatory, the patient will now receive a warning when moving from the page the question is on, rather than at the end of the questionnaire.
  5. Improved the performance of adding users to roles, and adding role to other roles. Communication of Security Permission updates to Networks now happens asynchronously.

2nd March Maintenance Release

  1. Fixed an incorrectly applied colour palette on the Clinic Schedule view. Non-scheduled hours now render correctly.
  2. Improved the visibility of appointment context information on the schedule view by reducing the font size and padding.
  3. Fixed an edge case which could case 'Deny all except ticked' Deny Service Rules to be incorrectly applied when using Version 5 of the Billing Rules system.

28th February Release

  1. Fixed an issue which could stop patient titles being set correctly via the Occupational Health portal, if that title had been previously deleted and recreated.
  2. Resolved some edge cases around linking emails to patient records automatically. Emails will now link correctly, and display a document preview as expected.
  3. Improved the Pathology Lab Request process to prevent time-outs from occurring under specific circumstances.
  4. Improved the way referrals are created to prevent duplicates from being created during heavy system load.

31st January Release

  1. Added support for importing Blank Meta Fields to a patient record.
  2. Added auto ordering for appointment lengths on the Service Picker page. Appointment times will now always be ordered by length of time.
  3. Resolved an issue that caused the incorrect list of Charge Bands to be displayed under certain conditions when using the '1 page booking' slot finder.
  4. Fixed an issue which could cause Recall Reminders not to recognise appointments booked using the Side by Side Schedule. Doing so now correctly moves a recall reminder from Due/Overdue to Booked.
  5. Changed ordering of Employee Departments and Divisions in the Common Catalogues menu to be alphabetical.
  6. Fixed an edge case which could cause an unfriendly error message to be displayed when interacting with a drug which has been discontinued from the FirstDataBank Multilex database.
  7. Fixed the datatype used for sending Request Date to TDL via messaging interface; will now correctly use DateTime in all circumstances.
  8. Improved the error message Portal and Main Application users receive when trying to set Employee Numbers which exceed 50 characters.
  9. Fixed a problem which resulted in NHS Details not being visible on the Patient Home Page. Setting an NHS GP, Practice or Commissioner now correctly pushed supporting information to the Patient Home Page.
  10. Resolved a problem which created duplicate services when Saving multiple times during initial Service creation.
  11. Improved the process of deleting a Clinician, such that sessions for deleted Clinicians are no longer visible on the Side by Side schedule.

25th January Maintenance Release

  1. Fixed an issue resulting from merging patients with active Pathways. Cache is now correctly cleared on merge.
  2. Resolved a possible race condition in the referrals service which could cause notifications not to be sent. Steps are checked correctly, and notifications will not be skipped when the referral service changes states too quickly.
  3. Improved performance of the Billing Rules Administration menu by improving the efficiency of the query used - sped up the process for opening a company, particularly when that company has a large number of billing rules.
  4. Fixed a problem that could cause assigned managers not to receive message feed notifications if the manager is changed after the referral was accepted. Managers assigned at any point in a referrals cycle will now correctly recieve notifications.

17th January Maintenance Release

  1. Added further improvements to the Contact Account Pathway task.

6th January Maintenance Release

  1. Resolved an issue which could cause some 'Contact Account' Pathway tasks to fail. The Pathways System now correctly accounts for the speed of the main application.

15th December Maintenance Release

  1. Changed the time at which automatically generated invoices for membership schemes and the like from 23:00 to 05:00 to avoid conflicts with other background processes.
  2. Resolved an issue which could cause Telemedicine consultations to fail to connect on certain browsers.

13th December Release

  1. Resolved an issue that would cause the Fast Booking Portal to report No Availability when exactly 25 slots where available. The availability calculation now correctly takes this scenario into account.

6th December Maintenance Release

  1. Resolved an issue that was appending numeric values to column headers when exporting report data to csv, or consuming reporting data via an HTTPS endpoint. Report column headers will no longer contain the internally assigned column ID when exported.
  2. Added Bank Holiday Database entries for 2022.

15th November Maintenance Release

  1. Resolved a problem which stopped users from leaving a meeting by following the link in the invitation email. The URL is now generated correctly, and users will no longer receive a 404 error.
  2. Closed an edge case which could cause the Pathways system to send duplicate contact SMS', particularly when the application is under heavy load. The timeout, wait and retry settings have been tweaked to ensure that a pathway task only ever results in a single contact being sent.
  3. Improved the monitoring and cache retrieval of the Pathways system.
  4. Improved security in a number of areas which use the Google Maps API.

1st November Maintenance Release

  1. Fixed an issue that could stop users from being able to set a Case Title for an episode under certain circumstances - Safe Titles are now set automatically when they are not specified in the common catalogue configuration.
  2. Resolved an edge case that could cause Pathways to fail to start when triggered by Messaging Integrations using the Table Flows technology. The main application will now send data using an up to date method to the Pathways service.
  3. Fixed an issue which could cause OH Portal Single Sign On to fail if the chamber did not have an associated API Key entry in the chamber database. This erroneous requirement has been removed.
  4. Updated the Feedback and Support quick links to redirect users to more useful endpoints.

25th October Release

  1. Improved the experience for Occupational Health Portal users when Single Sign On was enabled, so that;
    • Users are not prompted to enter a password when updating their demographic details (as they do not have a password when using SSO) Instead they will authenticate with a 2FA email.
    • DoB is no longer mandatory when creating users, unless it is set as mandatory in Admin > Configuration > Application > 'Must Provide DoB'
    • Address 1 and City are no longer mandatory for creating users
  2. Fixed an issue that would cause the 'Must Provide DoB' flag to be erroneously ignored in some edge cases.
  3. Fixed an issue that was causing Referral Collaboration Message Feed messages to show the incorrect time stamp.
  4. Improved the 'DIagnosis Code' common catalogue to correctly encode special characters
  5. Resolved an edge case that could cause issues when printing invoices from templates.

11th October Maintenance Release

  1. Resolved an issue with the import layer which could cause imports of Occupational Health Portal accounts to fail erroneously.
  2. Resolved an issue which caused imports of Employee Departments to display an unhelpful error message.
  3. Fixed an issue that would cause an error message to be displayed when creating new Employee records in the Occupational Health portal when 'Must Provide Employee Number' was set to true.
  4. Improved the validation of imports of Patient Meta Field information to correctly fail an import on validation rather than on commit if values were not provided.

20th September Maintenance Release

  1. Fixed a Pathways issue which could cause duplicate referrals to be created when triggered by a Pathway. The Pathways System has been given more resource, and the timeout wait period for referral creation has been extended to stop this from happening in the future.
  2. Resolved a problem which could result in Pathways generating documents containing incorrect data. The Pathways UI system will now flush it's cache before generating documents, ensuring that up to date information is used for their creation.
  3. Rectified an issue which could cause Pathways to fail, or not show on the Start Page Pathway Inboxes. Exceptions are now correctly caught and handled by the Pathways system.

13th September Maintenance Release

  1. Fixed a number of issues relating to the performance of the Pathways System, removing bottlenecks and making reporting on Pathways more efficient
  2. Resolved an issue which could cause OH Portal Single Sign On not to function correctly. The getConfig call now correctly queries the Employer Company SSO settings.
  3. Fixed a problem that would cause Pre Placement Questionnaires to not be visible to Managers on the OH Portal if they were sent by a Pathway. The FromCompany parameter is now set correctly, making the questionnaire visible on the OH Portal.
  4. Rectified a potential data security issue where if a manager changed Employer, notifications for their old Employer would still be present on the OH Portal. Changing the Employer company now correctly clears all notifications from the users OH Portal account.
  5. Resolved and Import Layer bug that would cause Employee Department imports to faill erroneously.

31st August Release

  1. Deprecated the old Import Layer version and made Version 2 the standard for all customers, improving performance of data imports.
  2. Fixed the formatting of currency symbols on the patient portal, the currency symbol will now default to before the amount rather than after.
  3. Fixed some spelling and grammatical errors in the patient portal Information Library section
  4. Resolved an issue that could cause an error when booking an appointment using a 'Dynamic Price List' billing rule
  5. Refactored the code responsible for uploading Signature images
  6. Resolved an issue which could cause the incorrect list of appointment types to appear when navigating using the Breadcrumb during an appointment booking.
  7. Improved the performance of the Consultation and Common Catalogues pages when there are a large number (50,000+) of Diagnosis Codes configured.
  8. Fixed an issue which would cause password reset emails not to be sent form the Patient and/or OH Portal for newly created accounts.
  9. Resolved an issue which could hide appointments from the Medical History when filtering on a specific case, if that case had more than 5 appointments associated with it.
  10. Fixed a range of issues which were causing imports to fail erroneously.
  11. Resolved an issue which could cause work items related to deleted or wiped patients to continue to display in work lists.

23rd August 2021 Maintenance Release

  1. Implemented a patch on the patient portal to extend the chrome webrtc support until 28th of December 2021, in order to ensure that the Vidyo Telemedicine integration continues to function as expected until then. Further changes will be carried out to extend support for this feature past the end of 2021, at a later date.

16th August 2021 Maintenance Release

  1. Fixed an issue that would cause Patient Portal SMS activation codes to erroneously expire 1 minute after being sent. Sessions were being terminated early by a background service; this behaviour has been reverted.

12th July 2021 Release

  1. Resolved an issue which could result in user being able to login without using 2FA, even if it was configured against their user account. All users in chambers with 2FA enabled will now need to provide their 2FA code when they login.
  2. Fixed an issue which could cause too much memory to be used when the application was under extreme load. Meddbase won't attempt to hold quite so many clinical forms in memory anymore, which will improve performance under load.

28th June 2021 Release

  1. Added a new template code for displaying Service Safe Names: {Appointment.ServicesSafeNames}
  2. Resolved an issue where setting up a user's 2 Factor Authentication could throw an error. The setup process will now go ahead without an error message being presented, and with a correctly sized QR code.
  3. Resolved an issue which could cause invoices to be posted to Reviso on the wrong date during British Summer Time. Invoice messages will now correctly take BST into account.
  4. Improved the caching policy for the Patient Portal API to be able to utilise no-store as well as no-cache.
  5. Improved the Prescriptions Import Schema to be able to include Line Breaks in comments, and fixed some validation rules around Review Dates.
  6. Closed off a potential problem where 'Read Only Episodes' would incorrectly not carry forward some Global Field Data past the second future appointment. All future appointments will now correctly display the Global Field Data.

21st June 2021 Maintenance Release

  1. Resolved an issue which could cause patients to be incorrectly prompted for Terms and Conditions on the patient portal.
  2. Resolved an issue which could cause patients to not be prompted for Terms and Conditions on the patient portal when they ought to be.
  3. Resolved an issue which could prevent a chargeband from being deleted, even though no patients appear to be linked to the chargeband.

14th June 2021 Maintenance Release

  1. Resolved an issue which could cause reports containing Portal User Account data to throw an error. Reports using this table will now run without the error.
  2. Fixed the link between Portal notifications and their respective OH Referrals. Users will now be redirected to the correct referral rather than the 'All Cases' lisy.
  3. Resolved an issue which could cause fewer than the required number of attendees to be booked for a module via Patient Portal bookings, where the module requires more than 2 attendees. Now the required number of attendees will be booked, and available slots filtered to only include those where all required attendees are available.
  4. Fixed a UI issue which could prevent users from being able to scroll on the Patient Portal if they moved to a scrollable page with a dialogue windowo open. The dialogue will now be correctly closed and removed in all circumstances.

22nd March 2021 Maintenance Release

  1. Added more values to the 'Offset' and 'Length' parameters when adding an attendee to a module, to allow for more complex module setups.
  2. Resolved some edge cases which could arise when sharing Pathway Tasks with a Portal User, namely;
    • Allow 'Book Appointment' Tasks to be shown even when they are behind a 'Make a Decision' task.
    • Resolved filtering issues to allow only a specific Employee/Manager's tasks to be displayed on the OH Portal
  3. Improved the usability of the SNOMED service by;
    • Only showing the 'largest' SNOMED Concept, i.e. only show 'Back Pain', not 'Back', 'Pain' and 'Back Pain'
    • Improving the matching logic for text including parentheses
  4. Resolved an issue which could cause an exception to be thrown when editing a Layout Section. The Edit Dialogue will now be initialised correctly.

15th February 2021 Maintenance Release

  1. Added some new password complexity settings. System administrators can now define;
    • Minimum password length
    • Minimum numeric characters
    • Minimum letter characters
    • Minimum special/punctuation characters
    • Whether passwords must contain mix of upper and lower-case letters
  2. Resolved an issue where the automatic Screensaver timeout would not apply correctly. The screensaver will now kick in correctly as per the configured setting.
  3. Fixed the ability to click on and drag the scrollbar in some clinical form situations, in some browsers.
  4. Fixed an issue which would cause reports containing grouped filters to cause system instability and crashing. Multiple grouped filters can now be included in reports.



25th January 2021 Maintenance Release

  1. Fixed an issue which could cause the PACS service to startup incorrectly
  2. Resolved an edge case where emails containing the unsupported 'center' HTML tag would not display within meddbase. 
  3. Stopped a blank screen being shown in error when discharging an OH appointment with follow up. The follow up referral and OH discharge letter screens will now correctly render, in the correct order.
  4. Added additional validation and verification to owner account selection for various data items, to ensure users can't assign entities to chambers they don't have access to.
  5. Reintroduced the {Episode.Fields} template code, after resolving some background issues with the Fields system.

21st December 2020 Maintenance Release

  1. Fixed an issue that caused email bodies to be blank when sent from specific email providers.
  2. Fixed an issue where a csv export from the Payments Tab was failing.
  3. Additional sanitisation to HTML to prevent XSS (Cross-Site-Scripting) attacks from being executed in the Upload File dialogues.
  4. Fixed an issue that was not allowing Security Policies for Patient Directory Search to return results.
  5. Update for fastbooking portal so that dates/times are sent in ISO format to force correct deserialization by
  6. As an additional security measure, encryption was added for the state of a page that is built, read or changed on the server.


14th December 2020 Maintenance Release

  1. Added some additional sanitisation to CSV and HTML outputs to prevent possible issues caused by erroneous or malicious content contained in exported or imported data.
  2. Added some extra permissions checks on page loads across the system to ensure that permissions are calculated correctly even when reloading a page with additional or changed filters.
  3. Resolved an edge case where the Patient Portal API would allow Patients to create new Patient records. There are now some additional permission checks which only resolve as true for Referral Portal Manager accounts with the Default Rights permission. 
  4. Fixed an issue that could cause Pathways to fail if a task name contained certain words. Pathway task names containing this subset of words will now resolve to a blank string, and the pathway will be allowed to continue.
  5. Changed a label against documents in the Medical History to be correctly labelled 'Document Created' rather than 'Last edit date'


7th December 2020 Maintenance Release

  1. Fixed an edge case where automatic referral from a Post Placement Questionnaire/New Starter Health Questionnaire could fail if the default PPQ referral appointment type wasn't included in an employer's default chargeband. All PPQ/NSHQ automatic referrals will now use the default SLA configuration in Admin > Work Type Configuration > Occupational Health, unless there is a portal referral rule which would take precedence.
  2. Tidied up the behaviour of unknown template code errors. Previously there was a split between displaying an error code on the generated document, and silently failing to create the document. Now all unknown template code errors will generate an error code, and not silently fail.