Adding existing and custom sections to patient records

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Adding Existing Sections:

1. Navigate to a patient record

2. Unlock the layout

3. Click layout and find "Layout sections" this is a list of existing sections,

(if it is ticked that means the section is already displayed, if un ticked it is not and you can add it)




Adding New Sections:

1. Navigate to a patient record

2. Unlock the layout

3. Click add a section, the section will normally be added to the bottom on the right side

4. Locate the new section and click the down arrow next to it

5. After clicking that you will be able to update the name of the section, add a field and save

6. Click add field to add a new text field, enter the label and the key, after you are happy click save

7. Your section will look something like this after you have saved a new field, anyone can enter text into the field and it will automatically save

8: While the layout is unlocked you can also move sections around and delete them, to move it around click the blue part and drag it, to delete it press the x



Setting your layout for others:

A new section will not be immediately visible to everyone, as every user can have different layouts and sections displayed.


Here are some options to change the layout for others:

1. Advise them to unlock their patient layout and add the new section but picking it from the layout sections list:

2. Force your current layout to be set for each user and set it as the company default,

(this will forcibly change your layout to be the same for everyone else so be aware of that)

 a href="/hc/article_attachments/360024161594/save_layout_for_everyone.png" data-fancybox="gallery">


Finally once you are done editing the layout you can navigate back to the layout button and click lock layout.