Release Notes - 8th February 2021

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Brian Sambrooks
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We'll be releasing the next update to your Meddbase system on the 22nd of February. Below you'll find some details of what exactly we'll be releasing.

Clearer Clinical Coding

From this release, we're upgrading the backend of our SNOMED coding system to use the most up to date RF2 formatted data sets. This is going to mean that new codes released by SNOMED make it into our system more quickly and smoothly. As well as this, there are also a number of minor issues which this has allowed us to resolve, including irrelevant codes sometimes being returned in searches, and the order in which search results are presented is now more logical based on your search, rather than being purely alphabetical.

Assured Accountancy

We're spoken previously about the move from Xero's legacy OAuth1 to their new OAuth2.0 OIDC authentication method (basically this is a change to how Meddbase authenticates with Xero, and provides a more secure connection between the two applications). There have been some very minor tweaks to the deployment of this service,  ahead of Xero completely deprecating their OAuth1 authentication method. 
If you use the Xero integration, and have not moved over to using OAuth2.0, we're here to help you move over.

Resolute Reliability  

As with every release, we're taking the opportunity to squash bugs, improve performance, and ensure the highest levels of reliability. If you spot something that doesn't look right; see it, say it sort it (or send us a support ticket).