How to configure Absence Management feature

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What is the Context?

Absence Management is an extra feature of our Occupational Health (OH) system. This feature enables OH providers to act as a 3rd party in managing employee absences.


What is the article purpose?

This article outlines how you can configure the Absence Management feature.


How to setup Absence Management

Step 1 - Enabling Absence Management Feature

The first step is to enable the Absence Management feature in Admin > Configuration > Chargeable feature.



Step 2 - Setting Absence management Permissions

After the feature has been enabled, two new permissions will become available under the company certificate in Admin > Security Policy: 'Can View Absences' and 'Can Modify Absences'.

Make sure to grant permissions to the user/role as you see fit before you start using the Absence Management module.



How to setup Absence Types and Reasons

The next step in Absence Management configuration is to add ‘Absence Types’ and ‘Absence Reasons’ in Common catalogues.

To do this from the Meddbase Start Page:

  1. Select the Admin tile
  2. Then select Common catalogues



How to add Absence Types

In Common catalogues:

  1. Select Absence Types
  2. Click New absence type
  3. Enter the Name
  4. Click Save



How to add Absence Reasons

In Common catalogues:

  1. Select Absence Reasons
  2. Click New absence reason
  3. Enter the Reason name
  4. Assign the absence reason to an Absence type
  5. Click Save



    Please note: All the reasons will have to be linked to an Absence Type. So, you can have one Absence type with several absence reasons. For example, you can have an Absence type Surgery and several Absence reason values such as knee, eye, leg, etc.  


How to update Employee and Line Manager Email and SMS notifications

The defaults 'Return to work' and 'Manager Notification' email and SMS templates have already been added to your chamber. You can also edit the default templates or create a new template as you see fit.

To do this from the Meddbase Start Page:

  1. Select the Admin tile
  2. Click the Configuration tile
  3. Go to Online Portal
  4. Under Absence Management,
    a. Click on the pencil icon to update the default template
    b. Or click the plus icon to create a new email or SMS template. 



Absence Management configuration is now complete. Absences can now be managed in Meddbase (Patient Record > Absence Management) or in the OH Portal (Employee Management > Absence Management).


Review date

This article was last updated on 11 May 2021 in the context of Meddbase version 1.244.029749