Setting up the Patient Contact Protocol for Occupational Health referrals

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What is the article's purpose?

This article outlines what the Patient Contact Protocol does and how you can update it.


What is the Patient Contact Protocol?

The Patient Contact Protocol guides the business user to take specific time-driven actions in order to contact the referred employee for an incoming Occupational Health referral.

The Patient Contact Protocol itself can be configured to define:-

  • The order in which actions (email, phone, write a letter) should be taken
  • The time (in days) within which those actions should be taken
  • The templates used to support the different outbound communication actions
  • When a related Service Level Agreement (SLA) would be breached.
    Please note: This feature is optional. If no custom protocol is created, Meddbase users are still prompted to contact the referred employee.  


Where is the Patient Contact Protocol used?

The Patient Contact Protocol is used in the Referral Contact Protocol for a Portal Referral Rule.


How do you review and update its configuration settings?

To do this from the Meddbase Start Page:-

  1. Select the Admin tile
  2. Select Common Catalogues



From the Common Catalogues display:-

  1. Select the + next to Patient Contact Protocols
  2. Select Patient Contact Protocol 2 from the displayed list
  3. Adjust the values in the Actions panel
  4. Save the changes


A notification is presented that the Patient Contact Protocol has been saved.


What do the different action values in the Actions panel mean?


Within the Actions panel, there is a range of fields that impact the contact protocol behaviour. These are explained in outline below.


Field What it does

Action Order Number


Defines the order in which the different types of contact actions for an incoming Occupational Health referral will be applied.

Perform Action within (days)


Defines the number of days from referral receipt within which the proposed action should be taken.

SLA Failed After (days)


Defines the number of days from receiving the referral up to making the booking before which an SLA has been breached.

Preferred Contact Way


Defines the proposed contact method (either email or SMS).

Send automatically


Defines whether the message is sent automatically.

Email Subject


Then subject line used by default where sending an email.

SMS Template


The default SMS template context used where sending an SMS message.

Call Script template


The template used for the ‘Call Contact Action’.

Letter Template


The template used when writing a letter.


What's the difference between Protocol version 1 and Protocol version 2?

There are 2 versions of the Protocol that are available. Their key characteristics are summarised below.

    Please note: It is recommended to use version 2 of the protocol.  


Protocol version 1

  • The days are calculated from the referral arrived time for all actions
  • The 'Perform Action Within (days)' is not supported
  • The 'SLA Failed After (days)' is checked for all actions all the time (not only for the current action)
  • Any changes to contact protocols affect new referrals only (including the protocol version or any action change)

Protocol version 2

  • The days are calculated from the current action start time
  • The 'Perform Action Within (days)' is used to calculate the new due date
  • The 'SLA Failed After (days)' is checked for the current action only
  • Any changes to contact protocols affect new referrals only (including the protocol version or any action change)


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