Report Query Builder - Introduction and report examples

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What is the purpose of the article?

This article serves as an introduction to the Reporting tool available in Meddbase. Furthermore, the article sets out examples of reports with different complexity and the process of building them.

Each example of a report contains a link to a detailed article. Click the relevant report example title depending on the level of complexity you are interested in.


When analytics and data tracking are at the forefront of your business, it is important to have the correct tools. The Meddbase Report Query Builder is a powerful tool for handling the vast amounts of data your system can collect. From appointments to demographics, accounts to referrals, your data can be pulled into functional, powerful reports.

Please be aware the Query Builder is a chargeable feature. If you feel this would be appropriate for your clinic/practice please contact your Meddbase Account Manager or contact the team via the following email address 


Report examples (with varying complexity)

Simple report on Patient Demographics

  • Quick and easy to build, no complex features used

Report on Appointments containing filters and parameters

  • Utilizing the Filter Builder to filter out data for a more detailed report

Report on Invoices - displaying multiple results using Aggregates

  • Utilizing filters as well as aggregates to organise multiple results in columns

Report on clinic utilisation using the Alias Manager

  • Building sub-queries via the Alias Manager


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