What features do you have for Invoicing Diagnosis on Clinical Forms?

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What's the context and purpose?

Within a Clinical form for an appointment, there is a range of useful features available to manage and control the application of Invoicing diagnosis.

This article summarizes the features and behaviours available for Invoicing Diagnosis on Clinical Forms.


Recording Invoicing Diagnosis populates case where a case is not previously recorded

  • Within a Clinical form for an appointment, you can select the Invoicing Diagnosis field


  • Where there is no existing case recorded, the case value is populated for the episode.


    Please note: Episodes that have existing cases will not be affected by the addition of an Invoicing Diagnosis. Namely, the Invoicing Diagnosis will not change the existing case.  


Multi-level tree for selecting Invoicing Diagnosis value

  • For each Invoicing Diagnosis, there is a multi-level diagnosis tree that can be used
    • When the user selects the Invoicing Diagnosis field, the top-level list is displayed.


Searchable Invoice Diagnosis tree

  • You can search through the Invoicing Diagnosis tree by typing in a value
    • With the value recorded, the list expands and highlights those items in each branch of the Invoicing Diagnosis tree that match the value.


  • When you type in a value into the field, the system is able to filter the list based on the diagnosis name (as shown above) or the diagnosis code (as shown below).


Invoicing Diagnosis tree – Manual expansion and navigation

  • As an alternative to typing in a text value for an Invoicing Diagnosis, you can: -
    • Manually expand the tree branches using the + icon to show components that belong to it
    • Then make a selection of the required Diagnosis item


Configuration of Invoicing Diagnosis via Common Catalogues

  • To make available the required items in the Invoicing Diagnosis list, the application administrator can set up multi-level diagnosis codes.
    • This is done in Common Catalogues (via Start > Admin > Common Catalogues > + Diagnosis Codes)
    • Within Diagnosis Codes
      • Child diagnosis codes can be created
      • Codes can also be defined as selectable



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