How to setup Invoicing Diagnosis Codes for Clinical forms

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What is the context and purpose of the article?

To support the selection of Invoice Diagnosis codes in a Clinical form on a Consultation, you need to do some configuration. This is done using Diagnosis Codes in the Common Catalogues list. However, since a new release in April 2021, it is now possible to create a hierarchy of ‘child’ codes for a parent code.

It is also possible to define: -

  • Whether a ‘parent’ diagnosis value can be selectable.
  • Whether the final ‘child’ diagnosis only can be selectable.

This article presents a walk-through of how to create a new Diagnosis Code to use in the Invoice Diagnosis list.


Creating a new Diagnosis Code

To create a new Diagnosis Code:-

1.  From the Start page, select Admin
2.  Select Common Catalogues


3. Select Diagnosis Codes


4.  Where diagnosis codes already exist, navigate through the list

5.  Select + New diagnosis code on the left

6.  For the new diagnosis code

        a. Add in a Name

        b. Add in a Code

        c. Where this code should be available for selection by a user, tick Selectable


7.  Save the item

This Diagnosis code will now be available in the Invoice Diagnosis list.

    Please note: It is possible to create an unlimited number of levels of diagnosis codes. In practice, you may want to consider the manageability of a highly hierarchical structure.  


Editing an existing Diagnosis

The process of editing an existing Diagnosis Code is very similar to that described above for creating a new Diagnosis Code.

To do this you:-
1.  Follow steps as described above up to where you arrive at Common Catalogues
2.  Navigate through the existing Diagnosis Codes list
3.  Select the existing item
4.  Edit as required
5.  Then Save the change.


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