Report Query Builder - Simple report on Patient Demographics

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What is the purpose of the article?

This article will walk you through the end-to-end process of building a simple report. The complexity here is low and the time required minimal.

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Building a simple report

The process of building a simple report can be broken down into the following steps:

1. From the Start Page navigate to Admin > Report management*.

2. Click New report query to open the Query Builder.

3. Select Patient Demographics from the list of tables as the Root Table**.


*Please Note: Building reports requires access to the Admin section.

**Selecting a Root Table determines what will be displayed in each Row of your report e.g. selecting Patient Demographics as the root table will result in a report displaying a patient in each row.

Click here for a detailed article on selecting a root table.


4. Click Next to open the Column Builder.

5. In the upper left corner, click New Column and expand the Column folder to add columns to the report e.g. Full Name, Date of Birth, E-Mail and Address Line 1*.

    *Please note: Holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard allows adding multiple columns to a report in a sequence.  

6. Click Next to run the query.

7. Click Save.

8. In the Select report name dialogue that appears, add a Report name and click OK*.

    *Please note: To organise your reports into folders, you can use the following pattern: Folder name/Report name, e.g. Test reports/Simple report on Patient Demographics.  




Publishing a report

Once a report is finished and saved, it can be published, so that other Meddbase users can utilize it.

To publish a saved report the following steps apply:

1. From the Start Page navigate to Admin > Report management.

2. Expand the relevant folder on the left-hand pane (Test reports in this case).

3. Click on the report you wish to publish and hit Publish report.

4. Assign a name the report will be published under (you can use the same name the report was saved under).

The report will now be available from the Start Page under the Reports tile. A Meddbase user can now navigate to that section, select the published report and run the query.

The results can be exported to Excel for further analysis by clicking this icon: mceclip0.png




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