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What is the purpose of the article?

This article outlines the different codes that can be used to include Patient information in templates.


List of template codes for Patient and a related description

Below is a list of template codes for patients and an associated description for each item.

To help match them to what you see in the Meddbase application, they have been grouped into sections.

These sections are similar to those shown in the Personal Details screen for the patient. With an additional section for further patient-related template codes (such as Medical History and Last Appointment Date) at the end of the list.



Personal Details template codes


Patient's Title


Patient's Full Name


Patient's First Name


Patient's Surname


Patient's First Name Initial, e.g. 'J.' for 'John'


Patient's Surname Initial, e.g. 'S.' for 'Smith'


Patient's Initials, e.g. 'J.S.' for 'John Smith'


Patient's Title and Initials, e.g. 'Mr. J.S.' for 'Mr. John Smith'


Patient's Title, First Name Initial and Surname, e.g. 'Mr. J. Smith' for 'Mr. John Smith'


Patient's Sex


Patient's Date Of Birth


Patient's Age


Status Type - i.e. In Patient, Discharged etc.


Patient's Referrer


Patient's gender identity


Patient's pronouns

Patient Contact Info template codes


Patient's Home Phone


Patient's Work Number


Patient's Mobile Number


Patient's Email Address

Patient Home Address & Billing Address template codes



Full Home Address of patient

Displays the home address of the patient on one line



Full Billing Address of patient

Displays the billing address of the patient on one line

Patient Next of Kin template codes


Next Of Kin Name


Next Of Kin Phone Number


Next Of Kin Relationship


Next of Kin Address

Patient Specialist / GP template codes


Patient GP's ID


Default Doctor Name [not NHS]


Default Doctor Surname Only [not NHS]



Patient's GP Address

Displays the address on one line


Patient Specialist's ID

Patient NHS details template codes


NHS Number


NHS Surgery Name




NHS Surgery Phone Number


NHS Surgery Full Address


NHS Address 1 line

NHS Commissioner ID
NHS Commissioner Phone Number
NHS Commissioner Full Address
NHS Commissioner Address 1 line

NHS Commissioner Name

Patient Insurance template codes


Patient's Insurance Company


Patient's Insurance Company Member Number


Patient's Insurer Contact


Patient's Insurer Contact Title


Patient's Insurer Details


Patient's Insurer Address


Insurers Contact Address 1 Line


Patient's Insurer Phone Number

Patient Employer template codes


Patient's Employer


Patient's Employer Company ID


Patient's Employee Number


Employer Contact Name


Employer Contact Title


Employer Contact Details


Employer Contact Address


Employer Contact Address 1 Line


Employer Phone Number

Further patient related template codes


Significant Medical History


Patient's full medical record


Patient's Medication


Patient's Allergies


Last Appointment Date


The patient's unique Meddbase identification number.


Displays all meta field information

{Patient.Gender} Gender of patient
{Patient.Pronoun} Pronoun of patient

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