Creating Custom Preparations

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Colin Rixom
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Meddbase uses a database supplied by First Data Bank to provide a list of the most commonly prescribed medication along with any warnings they may come with.

However, if you wish to prescribe something that is not on this database a custom preparation can be made allowing you to add your own Medication or different variations of existing medications.

Important to note: Due to the fact that these Custom Preparations are not part of the First Data Bank, when they are prescribed they will not come with any warnings.


First, we start off by navigating from the Start Page to Admin > Common Catalogues > Custom Preparations.

This will show a list of any existing Custom Preparations in your chamber and will allow you to add a new record via the "New Custom Preparation" Option.

Once this is select you will be prompted to enter in a Description and Dosage recommendation. Please ensure to save once you are happy with your changes.


Once your custom preparation has been created, you see it appear on the left of the screen and that it can be expanded to offer a "New Pack". Multiple Packs can be made for each of our Custom Preparations allowing for the creation of custom amounts and measurements of each type of medication you add or dispense. All Packs for each Custom Preparation can be found on the left-hand side.


Now that you have created your custom preparation and relevant packs you are now able to prescribe this from a consultation in the same way all other medication is prescribed.