Document Download Configuration

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Colin Rixom
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This article aims to be a guide to the Downloading options available to all users within Meddbase and to assist with your Particular Hardware and Software Set up. 

There is rarely one setting that will work for all users as Meddbase is required to communicate with every computer and operating system combination in use by our clients. This means that some trial and error may be required when it comes to finding the download setting that works for your specific set up.

From the Start Page, Navigate to the top left-hand corner, Click Settings, then Preferences.



Scroll to the bottom of your preferences and you will find document download options.


User Defaults: This will be the default setting for you when attempting to download from Meddbase.
On this Browser: This will be the default setting used when using this specific web browser.

If you only use one browser, we recommend keeping both of these drop downs the same.

Drop down options explained:

Use Chamber Default Settings:
This will set your download options to the default one set up by your system administrators. This is the setting that should be selected. We only recommend changing this if you are already experiencing problems using it.

Use the document manager:
This only affects word documents and is not compatible with Apple Mac Computers. You are required to have the document manager installed on your computer in order for this to work. For more information on installing the document manager, please refer The Document Manager article. We recommend trying this option if you are experiencing issues downloading Microsoft Office (Word) Doc's from Meddbase and are using a Windows 7 or newer computer

Use WebDAV for Microsoft Office Documents only.
WebDAV is an alternative to the document manager. If you are experiencing issues with the Document Manager option selected or are using an Apple Mac computer, we recommend this option.

Use WebDAV for all document Types:
This option can be used if you are not only experiencing issues with downloading all types of documents and not only Office documents.

Once a setting is chosen, please ensure you click "Save" in order to apply the changes.

As stated above, due to the every Meddbase having a unique Hardware and software setup some trial and error may be required and all settings may need to be tested until the right one is found for your particular scenario.