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Access to Meddbase is governed by Licences. One needs to be applied to a user in order for this user to have access to the system. Licences can be added and removed by users with the correct permissions. 

There are two license types within Meddbase:

This license allows for more than one user to use this license as long as only one user is using it at any given instance.  One concurrent license can be assigned to multiple users, each having their own individual user name and password, but only one of the users assigned to the license can be logged in at any given moment.  This is useful for users who may be part time or work alternative hours and therefore would be beneficial to share the license.

Full Time:
This licence can only be applied to one user and is not shared. This simply allows one user access to the system at any given time. Usually applied to users who are on the system more regularly.

There are no restrictions or differences with these two licence types other than the fact that one can be shared. This also means that the concurrent usually costs more per month based on the fact that is can be shared amongst multiple users.

Management of Licences

Licenses can be managed by Meddbase users with the correct security permissions. To do so, please navigate from the Start Page to:

Admin > Contract Mangement

Here you can see the total Licences and how many are assigned.

You also have the ability to Add or cancel licenses here. Simply enter in the number of licences you wish to add or cancel and then click "Add" or "Cancel

Please note that adding licences will affect your monthly invoice as Meddbase costing is done on a per licences bases. Likewise, cancelling a licence will decrease this amount.


Please contact us if you wish to find out more about your particular per license billing.

Cancelled licences can be restored 30 days after cancellation if they were removed in error. This can be done by clicking the number under "Cancelling" allowing you to restore this licence without affecting your invoice.

If the 30 day time period has expired you can add a license in the normal way mentioned above.


Once you have added your licences you can assign them to your relevant users by following this article below: 
Assigning a Licence

alternatively, if you wish to remove a licence from users in order to cancel them or to apply them to different users, please refer to the link below: 
Removing a licence