Security Policy - Non-Medical Person Certificates

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What is the context?

Security Policies govern different aspects of data security in Meddbase. Each policy type (or certificate) governs a set of user permissions.

These permissions determine if or how users will be able to interact with data protected by a given policy or certificate, e.g. Company record protected by a Company Policy; Patient record protected by a Patient Policy.

Many permissions need to be used in conjunction with permissions governed by other certificates e.g. Company Certificate(s).


What is the purpose of the article?

This article provides a detailed description of user permissions governed by the Non-Medical Person Certificate(s).




View Demographic

Allows users to search for non-medical person records and navigate to the Non-Medical Staff Member Details page, browse the record activity, write in the clinician's message feed and view the non-medical person's public profile.

Modify Demographic

Adds users' ability to view and edit the non-medical person's Personal Details, delete the clinician's record and create non-medical person's site sessions in Site Scheduler.

(Please note - Creating sessions requires the Can View Company Sites permission granted on the Company Policy. Furthermore, re-assigning one non-medical person's sessions and/or appointments to another professional requires granting the Can Bulk Re-assign Sessions/Appointments.)

View Documents

Adds users' ability to navigate to the Documents section on the non-medical person's record and interact with individual files. The user can also attach new documents to the record or create new documents from templates.

(Please note - Attaching new documents and viewing and interacting with individual documents also requires permissions on the Document Policy assigned to respective documents e.g.View document- to view document list; Download document- to see document preview, Assign Policy - to add a document to the record etc.)

Modify Documents

Adds users' ability to delete a document from the non-medical person's document record.

(Please note - This also requires granting the Delete Document permission on the relevant Document Policy.) 

Can View Contacts

Adds users' ability to view the non-medical person's contacts.

Can Modify Contacts Adds users' ability to add, edit or remove the non-medical person's contacts.
Edit Settings

Adds users' ability to access and edit the non-medical person's settings, including but not limited to: default site and location, default start page layout, out of office settings, notification behaviour settings, and more.

(Please note - Every Meddbase user has access to their own settings directly from the upper bar on the Start Page.)

Can Assign Policy

Adds users' ability to assign this policy to a Non-Medical Person's record.

Can Un-assign Policy

Adds users' ability to un-assign this policy on a Non-Medical Person's record.

(Please note - In case of having multiple Non-Medical Person policies in your chamber, changing one policy to another on a non-medical person record requires the user to have Assign/Un-assign Policy permissions granted on both/all non-medical person policies.)


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