Template Codes - Doctor (Clinician / Medical Person)

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What is the purpose of the article?

This article outlines the different codes that can be used to include Doctor information in templates.

    Please note: When we refer to Doctor in this article, the term includes both Clinician and Medical Person.  


List of template codes for Doctor and a related description

Below is a list of template codes for Doctor and an associated description for each item.

Code Description
{Doctor.Id} Doctor's Meddbase ID
{Doctor.Title} Clinician's title
{Doctor.FirstName} Clinician's first name
{Doctor.Surname} Clinician's surname
{Doctor.FullName} Full name
{Doctor.RegNo} Registration number
{Doctor.Dob} Date of birth
{Doctor.Sex} Gender
{Doctor.Phone} Phone number
{Doctor.Mobile} Mobile phone number
{Doctor.Fax} Fax number
{Doctor.Email} Email address
{Doctor.Discipline} Clinician's specialism
{Doctor.Secretary} Secretary's name
{Doctor.SecretaryPhone} Doctor's secretary's phone number
{Doctor.SecretaryMobile} Doctor's secretary's mobile number
{Doctor.SecretaryFax} Doctor's secretary's fax number
{Doctor.SecretaryEmail} Doctor's secretary's email address


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