UserVoice - How to login, review and add ideas

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Dan Jordan
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Context and purpose

At Meddbase, we are focused on continuous product improvement to deliver increasing value for our customers. To support that, we have implemented UserVoice to get your feedback on what’s important.

To help you get started, this article outlines how to log in, review existing ideas, comment and vote on ideas and add new ideas to UserVoice.

How to login

To sign-up and log in:-

1. Go to

2. Select Sign In

3. In the dialogue box that appears, input your email address

4. Then select SIGN IN


At this point, you are sent a magic link to your email.

5. Go to your email

6. Select the Log in to Meddbase UserVoice link


You are presented with a message on your browser to confirm that you are logged in to Meddbase UserVoice.

7. Go back to the original browser tab

8. Optionally, add a Display name

9. Confirm that you agree to the terms of service

10. Select SIGN UP


How to review existing ideas

Before you add in new ideas, it’s useful to see what’s already been added to understand what's important to other users.

Through manual navigation

To look through what’s there:-

1. Select the Feedback link towards the bottom of the page.


2. Scroll through the list of available ideas


3. Select an idea to review it and related comments

If you only want to see items in certain categories, you can select a category on the left.

Through search

As a potentially simpler alternative, you can use the search feature on the home page. To do this:-

1. Navigate to the home page if needed

2. Go to the Search field towards the top-right of the home page

3. Input the keyword (e.g. document)

4. From the dynamically constructed list that appears, select an item


You are then taken to the specific idea.

How to comment and vote on existing ideas

Having opened an idea, you can add comments and vote for an idea too.

To initially add a comment:-

1. Select the idea as described in ‘How to review existing ideas’ above

2. Add a comment

3. Then select POST COMMENT


To then continue to vote, you can :-

4. Simply click on the Vote icon to the left of the title

Your vote is added to the idea.

How to add a new idea

To add a new idea:-

1. Navigate to the home page if needed

2. Select the Feedback link towards the bottom of the page

3. In the Enter your idea field, input a descriptive title

4. Optionally, choose a value from the Category drop-down list

5. Add descriptive narrative

6. Optionally, add attachments, to support your idea

Do not add any patient identifiable information in the description or to attachments.


Your idea has been added to UserVoice.