UserVoice explained: What is UserVoice and why is it helpful?

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Dan Jordan
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At Meddbase, we are focused on continuous product improvement to deliver increasing value for our customers. To support that, we have implemented UserVoice to get your feedback on what’s important.


What is UserVoice?

UserVoice is a forum that allows you to provide feedback quickly and easily about Meddbase, by posting ideas for product improvements. You can also upvote and comment on ideas shared by others. This feedback helps us to understand what’s important to our customers and to shape our product roadmap.


How does it help?

UserVoice helps us to engage with you as users of Meddbase and get your feedback and ideas. By enabling you to:

  • Share ideas
  • Review ideas shared by others
  • Comment on ideas
  • Upvote ideas

It helps us gather informed insights from the collective wisdom of our customers.


How do I get started?

These two articles will get you started:


What happens when you submit an idea?

When you submit an idea on UserVoice, other contributors can upvote and comment on it. Our product team regularly monitors ideas and depending on levels of interest could them through a series of statuses that include us asking you to Tell us more and us making a more detailed investigation when the idea is In Discovery.

If an idea moves onto our Product Roadmap, it is set to Planned and is updated to Complete when delivered. There are some ideas that don’t gain traction or that we can’t progress at this time.

In each case, we’ll update the idea status and keep you in the loop.