Setting Margins & Page Preferences for Template Documents

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What is the purpose of the article?

This article outlines the steps necessary to adjust margins and page width, height, or orientation for template documents.

In this example, we'll use a specific template within the Appointment Document Type in the Patient Templates group.


Steps to adjust page preferences for template documents

To do this in Meddbase:

1. Navigate to the Start page

2. Click on the Templates tile

3. Expand the Patient templates folder by clicking on the '+' sign

4. Expand the required folder (in this example Appointments)

5. Click on the required template to select it

6. Click on the Page preferences tool near the top of the page

7. In the Page Preferences for ... dialogue that appears, click on Enable

8. Manually enter your preferred WidthHeight and Orientation for the page as required

9. Manually enter your preferred Top, Bottom, Left and Right margins as required


The changes are automatically applied for that template.

10. Close the Dialogue when complete.


Want to see more?

The short video below shows the steps for enabling and updating page preferences for a specific document template.



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